Mother Jones

Why in the World Is Obama Going to an Amazon Warehouse?
July 29, 2013

Not long ago, Mac McClelland, a reporter for Mother Jones, spent a month working at a warehouse that handles shipping for the big online merchants.

Washington Isn't Spooked by the Secret McConnell Tape
April 11, 2013

On Tuesday, Mother Jones reporter David Corn released audio of Senator Mitch McConnell and his reelection campaign staff yukking it up over the various zany quotes and writings of Ashley Judd, who was considering a run against McConnell at the time.

Why Are Companies Fleeing The Chamber Of Commerce?
October 07, 2009

In recent months, we've seen a host of companies protest the Chamber of Commerce's stance on global warming by either speaking out or resigning: Apple, Nike, GE, Johnson & Johnson, three electric utilities... The Chamber, in turn, has pointed out that the vast majority of its three million members haven't defected. Fair enough, but that raises a question: How did the Chamber's climate policy get decided in the first place? Was it a transparent, open process, and Apple and Nike are just sore losers? Nope.