The Unbearable Lightness of Being Bob Costas
December 05, 2012

Why is Bob Costas holding back on gun control? Because that's who Bob Costas is.

Booker vs. Christie Would Be the Best Campaign of 2013 (Or Maybe Any Year)
November 19, 2012

What would happen if these two social-media kings collided in 2013?

Fox News Resorts to Race-Baiting, and White Boards, on Election Night
November 06, 2012

Fox's Bill O'Reilly's bemoans the fall of "traditional America," and all those voters who dare to "want stuff."

Liberals Worry, “What If We Win?”
November 02, 2012

The Democrats should untwist their knickers about how awful it will be to win.

How Joe Trippi Found Happiness At Fox News
October 19, 2012

How did Joe Trippi end up here? Racing Karl Rove on a Segway?

Boring Candidates, Viral Videos: The Tough Life of SNL's Political Comedy Guru
October 18, 2012

In the era of the 24-hour political satire cycle, writing for Saturday Night Live is harder than ever.

What MSNBC's Post-Debate Freakout Really Means
October 03, 2012

The outrage of liberal TV cable pundits at Obama's performance was correct. It was also full of hubris.

Post-Isaac, This Is What New Orleans Looks Like
August 30, 2012

In a hurricane party you cook what's left in your freezer.

National Review, Race, And Me
August 29, 2012

I answer National Review's absurd claim that it's Democrats (including me!), not Republicans, who have introduced race into the 2012 campaign.

Just in Case: How Reform Might Survive Without the Mandate
June 08, 2012

Most experts expect the Supreme Court will issue its ruling on the Affordable Care Act in the last full week of June. Few seem certain of what that ruling will say. The Court could uphold the law its entirety. It could strike down the law in its entirety. Or it could strike down part while leaving the rest in place. One very real possibility is that the Supreme Court invalidates the law's most controversial element, the individual mandate, but nothing else. Most of the commentary I've seen suggests such an outcome would be just as devastating as a decision to invalidate the law entirely.