Nancy Pelosi

Everybody Was Freaking Out Over the Fiscal Cliff Tuesday. Here's Why.
December 18, 2012

Boehner opts for Plan B. Maybe it's time for Plan C.

A Fiscal Deal Is Emerging—But Is It Any Good?
December 17, 2012

Obama and Boehner may be near agreement on the fiscal cliff. Should liberals be satisfied?

Soak the Almost Rich
December 07, 2012

Will no one speak the truth about the upper-middle class?

A Fiscal Cliff Compromise That Could Work For Everyone
November 21, 2012

Two entrenched positions define the revenue dimension of the fiscal cliff debate—Republicans’ opposition to rate increases, and President Obama’s longstanding vow not to raise taxes on families making $250,000 per year or less. Each side has reasonable if not completely compelling arguments in favor of its position.

Why “Parks and Recreation” Should Stay Away From Washington
November 20, 2012

"Parks and Recreation" went to Washington, changing the show for the worse.

Democrats Want Pelosi Back for Her Fundraising Prowess
November 13, 2012

Pelosi, powerless? Not on the fundraising circuit, she's not.

Why is the Main Obamacare Event in Charlotte So Empty?
September 05, 2012

Obamacare got a strong defense from the podium on Tuesday. Will it get a strong defense from party faithful?

Obama’s Skills on the Campaign Trail Explain His Haplessness in the White House
July 23, 2012

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Pelosi's Choice
May 24, 2012

Nancy Pelosi wrote House Speaker John Boehner on May 23 saying she'd be willing to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone with incomes below $1 million. That contradicts President Obama's position, which is to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone with incomes below $250,000. Pelosi is taking a lot of heat for letting families with incomes between $250,000 and $1 million off the hook, and from a policy point of view that's hard to argue with. Citizens For Tax Justice calculates that Pelosi's proposal would save 40 percent less than Obama's.

How Obama’s Latest Education Initiative Could Threaten American Preschool
March 23, 2012

Last month, I toured Washington D.C.’s Edward C. Mazique Parent Child Center, one of 1,600 low-income preschool providers funded by the federal Head Start program. At lunchtime, well-behaved four- and five-year-olds dutifully served each other apples, cucumbers, and noodle soup. Elsewhere, a more mischievous group rolled on the floor while a teacher patiently tried to read aloud. Everything I saw suggested happy students, clean classrooms, and engaged teachers. Indeed, Mazique has become something of a poster child for Head Start.