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Does Larry Summers make A Terrible Fundraiser?
June 13, 2011

Carol E. Lee and Jonathan Weisman have a story chronicling the gripes of various donors with President Obama's reelection effort. This seems like one of the less sympathetic but more avoidable complaints: The overtures to donors have not always gone smoothly. At a recent gathering of major donors here, former National Economic Council Director Larry Summers, who headlined a breakout session on the economy, got into an exchange with a donor that resulted in the man walking out of the session, according to people at the event. The donor told Mr.

Export Promotion, American Style
March 16, 2010

This past summer, National Economic Council Director Larry Summers laid out a new vision for the next American economy: one that is export-oriented, low-carbon, innovation-fueled, and opportunity-rich. Dr.

Larry Summers Blogs (!) About Innovation
September 21, 2009

Last month I wrote a piece noting (a la Paul Krugman) that it was tough to see where growth would come from absent some technological breakthrough that attracted a wave of business investment. I went on to argue (not a la Krugman) that the imperative for such a breakthrough was so strong we might want to consider something as crude as industrial policy to expedite the process. At the time, I conceded that the White House appeared to be thinking along similar lines, if not quite as ambitiously as I'd prefer.

Sachs Appeal
August 12, 2009

Should Tim Geithner's Wall Street consigliere make us queasy?