National Football League

Linebacker Labor
November 01, 1982

Nicholas von Hoffman: Football strikes, capitalism, and American life.

Good Clean Fun
August 02, 1982

Pardon us for harrumphing, but whatever' became of the fresh-faced, clear-eyed ball player who played clean and lived the same way, and whose idea of a good time was to go to a children's hospital and sign a few autographs? Even if such athlete-heroes bulked larger in legend than in reality, at least there used to be more conscientious efforts to keep up appearances.

Becoming a Pro
November 12, 1977

James Cramer: At the Eagles' training camp, meritocracy really works.

The Moral Equivalent to Football
July 23, 1977

Wilcomb E. Washburn: Why football reflects the true nature of the American character.