National Security

Four Ways Obama Needs to Control His Spooks
July 01, 2013

How to roll back the surveillance state.

Sources of Discomfort
June 20, 2013

National security reporting in the age of leak hunts.

Investigate FISA
June 15, 2013

The defenders of government surveillance have used the media’s fascination with personalities to turn attention onto leaker Edward Snowden and away from what he disclosed.  What Snowden’s leak should prompt is a re-examination of the National Securit

The TV Shows That Prepared Us for the NSA Scandal
June 13, 2013

If the details of the NSA scandal have seemed eerily familiar, perhaps it’s because TV drama has been playing out similar scenarios for years.

PRISM: Scary Program, Unlikely Logo
June 13, 2013

Someone at the National Security Agency is apparently a Pink Floyd fan.

Unmanned Oversight
February 07, 2013

How Congress whiffed on drones.

Drone Strike Out
February 06, 2013

The flimsy legal reasoning of the Obama administration's drone memo is unconstitutional.

Cyber Fail
February 04, 2013

The Obama administration's approach to cyber security has been a disaster.

Playing Defense
March 15, 2004

From 2004: Bush's disastrous Homeland Security Department.