Native Americans

Cleveland Indians: "Chief Wahoo" Has Been Demoted, But Not Because Logo Is Racist
October 30, 2013

While researching my rankings of the most racist Native American–themed sports teams, I noticed a curious thing about my choice for the absolute worst, Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians: “Interestingly, mascot Chief Wahoo is not too prominent

The Most Offensive Team Names in Sports: A Definitive Ranking
October 09, 2013

Washington's football squad is hardly the only sports team with an offensive name and/or logo derived from Native American culture. How does your team compare?

Obama's Thankless Thanksgiving
November 25, 2009

WASHINGTON--It's now official: So in vogue are attacks on President Obama that even his proclamation calling the nation to a day of Thanksgiving has become the focus of criticism. Presidential Thanksgiving messages are a routine bit of executive prose that  most attentive citizens happily ignore in this moment of national gratitude.

Let The Games Begin!
January 29, 1996

Michael Lewis's 1996 New Hampshire diary.