"You Might Even Say It Blows!"
December 21, 2012

Have we reached the end of the pop Christmas canon?

Jeff Zucker Is Just What CNN Needs: A Theatrical Tyrant
November 29, 2012

What’s an old-timey media brand being murdered by the Zeitgeist to do? There’s the Washington Post route: Hire a series of quietly competent executives to manage the inevitable decline, while investing in more booming sectors, like hospice care. Or you can go for the flash and the buzz, the zazz and the bling, by bringing on the former wunderkind who ran into a rough patch but seems destined for a comeback. You can go for Jeff Zucker. CNN has chosen door number two.

Immigration Reform’s Wild-Card Power Broker
November 23, 2012

The night after the presidential election, the news anchors on the Spanish-language network Univision,  Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Selena, began their nightly newscast with something of a celebration. As Ramos opened the broadcast, the screen lit up with the numbers 71 and 27—the share of the Hispanic electorate that voted, respectively, for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The surge in Latino voting was a coup for Ramos, who is as much an immigration activist as he is a news anchor.

Why “Parks and Recreation” Should Stay Away From Washington
November 20, 2012

"Parks and Recreation" went to Washington, changing the show for the worse.

Daily Breakdown: Polls Show Obama Maintaining Lead In Ohio, Advancing In Colorado
November 03, 2012

Obama led in all but one poll conducted in a battleground state.

Obama's Defensive Travel Schedule
November 03, 2012

Obama's locking down Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio.

What's Going On With Iowa? Nothing.
October 30, 2012

The state's demographics, history, and polls are all consistent with a tight race.

Daily Breakdown: Polls Show A Tight Race In Virginia and Colorado
October 26, 2012

If Obama won either state, he would probably be reelected the president.

Daily Breakdown: Obama Struggling With Likely Voters
October 22, 2012

Obama loses about 4 points

Record Support for Strikes Against Iran Ahead of Debate
October 20, 2012

A recent NBC/WSJ poll finds that 58 percent support military action if Iran continues its pursuit of nuclear weapons.