The Charlotte Letter: Alone Time with Ed Rendell
September 05, 2012

Chatting with Rendell on why Hillary will run in 2016, why Cory Booker is the biggest wuss in the party, and how he thinks CNN should be blown up.

Football Wreaks Havoc on Democratic Convention Schedule
August 31, 2012

The Obama campaign has done a poor job dealing with the NFL regular season opener.

The Networks Are Skipping Ann Romney’s Convention Speech—and That’s a Good Thing
August 23, 2012

The American people would rather watch Hawaii Five-Oh. Is that so terrible?

Daily Breakdown: Obama Leads In NBC/WSJ Poll
August 21, 2012

   On balance, the four national polls showed no shift from their prior results. The NBC/WSJ poll shows Obama with a four point advantage, down from 6 prior to the Ryan pick. For those who might recall the big discussion over party-ID after the last NBC/WSJ poll, you might note that the Democratic edge is down to a more modest 6 points, yet the result didn’t change too much.

General Failure: The Bizarre World of Wesley Clark’s New Reality Show
August 15, 2012

Wesley Clark wanted to be commander-in-chief. How the hero of NATO wound up becoming commander of B-list reality-TV celebrities instead.

Mitt Romney's Astoundingly Cynical Medicare Strategy
August 12, 2012

Romney and Ryan defend themselves by attacking Obamacare's Medicare cuts. Just one problem: Romney and Ryan endorsed those cuts, too.

Daily Breakdown: Obama’s Lead Grows?
August 09, 2012

Is Obama beginning to open up a bigger lead? The race has been static since Romney won the nomination, but recent polls suggest that Obama might be pulling further ahead.  After recent polls from NBC/WSJ, Pew, Democracy Corps, and Reuters all gave Obama their best tallies since Romney won the nomination, Fox and CNN also showed Obama making big gains in new polls released this afternoon. The RCP average now gives Obama a 4.4 point lead, his largest lead since April.

Romney’s Problem With Undecided Voters Could Cost Him the Election
August 03, 2012

With Obama standing in the upper-forties and leading by a few points, Romney’s chances hinge on the verdict of undecided voters. If they break his way, Romney could catch up to Obama in the polls—and there’s a reasonable line of thought contending that’s what we should expect. After all, Obama’s approval rating is beneath 50 percent, so most of these voters harbor misgivings about the president’s performance.

What the Latest Obama-Favoring Quinnipiac Polls Mean
August 01, 2012

It’s been a pretty rough week of polling for Mitt Romney. Last week, NBC/WSJ showed Obama opening up a 6 point lead nationally, and Democracy Corps showed Obama at 50 percent among likely voters with a 4 point advantage. This morning’s trifecta of swing state surveys conducted by the venerable pollsters at Quinnipiac added to the fire, showing Obama leading by a substantial margin in the three largest battleground states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. It’s hard to understate just how badly Romney fared in these polls.