Mitch McConnell Bleeds Red. Why Can’t He Admit It?
An only-in-Kentucky college basketball gaffe reveals the senator’s true problem
March 28, 2014

A Mitch McConnell web video accidentlly used Duke instead of Kentucky players. The superficial gaffe has become a huge political issue, and revealed deep truths about the Senate minority leader.

College Football Players Are Employees, Says Chicago NLRB
March 26, 2014

In an historic ruling, Northwestern football players won the right to hold a vote on unionizing. They were ruled employees under federal law.

Three Legal Issues That Could Derail the Blockbuster NCAA Lawsuit
March 26, 2014

A proposed class-action lawsuit for student athletes deserves to win—but it faces several hurdles.

The Failure of Kentucky Coach John Calipari's "Players First" Philosophy
March 20, 2014

Hypocrisy won’t be what brings down Calipari. His teams’ performances will.

The Most Righteous Man at ESPN
March 19, 2014

How Jay Bilas became the NCAA's fiercest critic.

The NCAA's Exploitation of Student Athletes Would Make Fidel Castro Proud
March 17, 2014

But two new lawsuits might finally change that.

College Football Players Are Paid Professionals Who Absolutely Should Unionize
January 29, 2014

Northwestern college football players have to work. They get paid to work. Now, they want a union. The NCAA is fighting it.

Louisville vs. Kentucky, No More
March 31, 2012

It’s game day.  Kentucky’s two largest metro areas face off tonight as the University of Louisville Cardinals and the University of Kentucky Wildcats, of Lexington, go head-to-head in New Orleans in the final showdown before Monday’s NCAA championship game. As this legendary rivalry reaches its boiling point this weekend, you won’t see a punch fly between Mayor Fischer of Louisville and Mayor Gray of Lexington.  Instead, behind their playful wager and exchange of good-luck bourbon and IPA, these two mayors and their metros are acting in stark contrast to their teams’ fierce on-court competitio

Newt Gingrich, Duke, And the Harmonization Of Evil
March 18, 2011

For those of you who aren't following the NCAA basketball tournament, I apologize that it -- er, I mean, my strange illness -- is interfering with content again today. But if you can't see any reason to take an interest in the outcome, allow me to furnish this quote from Newt Gingrich: I have a personal affection for Duke. Of course he does. As does Rand Paul. As does David Duke. (Right? Why wouldn't he?) Really, Duke fandom offers a natural fit for the whole culture of white privilege and feigned victimization:

Football, Instant Replay, and Arbitrariness
December 08, 2009

(Note: if you're not either a football fan or a legal aficionado, you probably want to skip over this post.) Ashby Jones from the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog flags an interesting discussion in the legal blogosphere from last week: why are instant replays in the NFL and college football subjected to a heightened standard of review?  As football fans know, a call on the field is supposed to be overturned after instant replay only if there is "conclusive" or "indisputable" video evidence that the call was wrong.  If the video leaves room for debate, the call on the field stands. Law professor