New Jersey

How to Tell if FEMA is Doing a Good Job or a Lousy One
October 30, 2012

What does FEMA do, exactly, in the aftermath of a hundred-year storm? And how can we tell whether it's working?

How Sandy Changed The Campaign
October 30, 2012

How will Sandy affect the election? That depends partly on whether you think voters were still making up their minds.

Why Atlantic City Can Expect a Post-Sandy Boardwalk Brawl
October 30, 2012

In Atlantic City, the politics of Sandy hinge on an old division between shiny tourist mecca and dowdy hometown

The Growing Christian Movement Pushing Back Against Islamophobia
October 19, 2012

A growing number of Christian organizations are fed up with Christian Islamophobia and are fighting back.

A Journey to the End of Football
September 14, 2012

The cradle of quarterbacks in the age of concussions.

Jersey Bore: Chris Christie’s Makeover in the Image of Mitt
August 29, 2012

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Gets Caught Between Serving the Romney Campaign and His Own Ambitions

Meet 5 Up-and-Comers Showcased at the GOP Convention
August 28, 2012

Meet the newcomers in the RNC lineup, including a former Hooters promoter and a GOP governor who's slyly leaving the door for Obamacare funds.

Daily Breakdown: State Polls and Isaac
August 28, 2012

Recent surveys suggest that Obama’s suffered his biggest losses among voters without a college degree.

Romney Meets with the Islamophobes
August 10, 2012

Romney is not going to pick Chris Christie to be his running-mate. How do I know? He told me.  Ha! Just kidding. Got you for a second there, didn’t I, Andrea Mitchell?

Is Obama Alienating Rich Voters?
July 19, 2012

Affluent voters were an important element of Obama’s coalition in 2008. Will that change this year? Some observers believe that Obama might alienate former supporters with attacks on Bain Capital and renewed calls to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans.