New Orleans

How to Increase U.S. Exports
July 28, 2010

In the national conversation on trade policy, it’s rare to get beyond exchange rates and trade agreements. While these are certainly important topics in their influence on the volume and balance of trade, the focus relegates the debate to federal policy and misses a myriad of opportunities at the state, local, and metropolitan level to promote exports. So what do exports look like on the ground level?

John Hagee, Pillar Of Tolerance
July 26, 2010

Last January, Jennifer Rubin wrote a lengthy story for Commentary lamenting the failure of American Jews to appreciate the greatness of Sarah Palin.

On the Map: Bus Riding Boost Seems to Stall
July 15, 2010

As part of our State of Metropolitan America project, we reported last week on the increase in public transit commuters from 2000–2008. While this increase is small (less than 1 percent), it’s the first time that’s happened in 40 years. As the map below shows, most transit commuters are concentrated on the coasts. But what type of transit saw upticks? One would assume that light rail or commuter rail would be responsible for the increases since system mileage increased by 67 and 40 percent, respectively, over the period. Nope.

Crossfire Returns. Sort Of.
June 25, 2010

I've always liked Jon Stewart, but the worst thing he ever did was kill "Crossfire." It wasn't a perfect show, but it was vastly superior to the chummy insider-laden conventional wisdom-fests that run on Sunday mornings and are held in higher prestige. Certainly in its heyday, the show forced politicians to defend their talking points in the face of critical analysis. When they couldn't defend themselves, it showed. Anyway, having long ago kicked Crossfire to the curb, CNN is creating a new show with a liberal and a conservative host.

Did Obama Smear Gore? [Updated]
June 16, 2010

Update: Geraghty says he was joking.

A Sociologist Covers The News
June 07, 2010

Chris Beam's well-received piece imagining a news article written by political scientists has inspired Conor Friedersdorf to imagine a news article written by sociologists: NEW ORLEANS — Absent from the dialogue surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which began on April 20, 2010 following an explosion that killed eleven workers, are the roles of class, race and especially gender.

A Disaster Worse Than Katrina
June 04, 2010

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, now deemed the worst in American history, may inflict more damage to the future of New Orleans than Hurricane Katrina. In a matter of days, Katrina and the levee failure wiped out the physical and social fabric of many communities. Across the Gulf Coast, more than 1 million people were displaced from their homes and another estimated 1,400 persons lost their lives to the disaster. In New Orleans, the severe flooding destroyed more than 134,000 homes, wreaked havoc to public and private infrastructure, disrupted businesses, and severed generations of family and

Kenneth the Page Becomes a Man
May 28, 2010

True conservatives have never known exactly what to think of Bobby Jindal. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Republicans praised Louisiana’s newly elected governor as just the kind of energetic technocrat the state needed to get back on its feet. They were impressed by his youth, his intelligence, and, yes, his background (he’s Indian-American)—and they eagerly started talking him up for higher office. But then came his disastrous response to President Obama’s State of the Union in 2009, after which GOPers mercilessly mocked the governor for the same dorky qualities they once cheered.

The Other Deepwater Drilling Problem
May 18, 2010

Just how crucial are those oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico? Earlier today, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was arguing that they're indispensable. While testifying before the Senate energy committee about the BP spill, he spent plenty of time copping to various regulatory missteps at his agency and promised that "heads will roll." But he also made a case for continued offshore drilling: "The reality is that we'll be depending on oil and gas in the transition to a new energy future.

Please “Treme,” I Beg You--Get Over Yourself
May 07, 2010

On Wednesday, TNR senior editor Ruth Franklin explored the way authenticity is played with in David Simon’s new HBO show, “Treme.” Here, John McWhorter offers his own, markedly different opinion on the subject. People can get irritating about their authenticity.