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A Scottish Writer Explains Why He's Voting for Independence
September 05, 2014

No, we don't hate the English. We just want to elect our own government.

This Is What Wannabe Jihadists Order on Amazon Before Leaving for Syria
August 22, 2014

And what that tells us about radicalization.

History's Lesson for the Middle East: When Superpowers Leave, Stability Doesn't Follow
August 22, 2014

History provides a sobering lesson about western involvement in the Middle East. It is that, when superpowers drift away, peace, progress, moderation and stability do not necessarily follow in their stead. 

Dylan Thomas Is The Quintessential Poet for Adolescence
But that's not all he was
August 08, 2014

A new biography busts the myths around the Welsh poet

Church Attendance Is Falling. Let the Buildings Fall, Too.
August 01, 2014

As church-going diminishes, church buildings are repurposed, many retaining vital functions.

You're More Polyamorous Than You Think
August 01, 2014

Monogamy is rare, no matter what we might tell ourselves. We need a new currency of commitment.

We Get to See Director's Cuts of Our Favorite Movies. Why Not an "Author's Cut" for Books?
July 18, 2014

The film world is keen on releasing a director's cut, which differs from the final version of the movie; publishers should do the same with books.

Against the Modern Cult of Spontaneity
Think before you act
July 18, 2014

Truly living in the moment and being utterly spontaneous would render you unable to make and keep promises.

Rupert’s Red Top: The Rise and Fall of Rebekah Brooks
July 18, 2014

Peter Jukes watched the former tabloid editor’s extraordinary composure in court on every day of the hacking trial. Her story tells you everything you need to know about the way power works.

Why Can’t Women Compete Against Men at Video Games?
Sexism, that’s why
July 11, 2014

Sexism, that’s why.