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Angels in the Backfield: Can Tebow's Faith Explain His Success?
November 18, 2011

Tim Tebow, better known in some circles as God’s son, last night led the Denver Broncos to an improbable and crushing last-minute victory over the New York Jets. In trying to reckon with Tebow’s improbable 4-1 record this season, there are two salient factors to consider. One, he runs far better than he throws—normally an impediment to success at the quarterback position (his completion percentage is at a historically low, NFL-worst 44.8 percent). Two, he is intensely spiritual: Aping “The Thinker,” Tebow periodically drops to one knee and begins praying during games.

Can Baseball Lower Your Blood Pressure?
March 31, 2011

Today marks the start of a new season for (with apologies to football fans) America's "national pastime," as the 2011 MLB season gets underway. Between now and the end of the regular season, 30 teams will play 2430 games in front of over 72 million attendees. But with research suggesting that fans of other popular spectator sports, such as football and soccer, suffer increased heart rate and blood pressure during close games, are baseball viewers also at risk? No, says a study published in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension: in fact, baseball may lower your blood pressure.

When Even The Easiest Incentives Fail
March 02, 2011

New York Jets defensive end Vernon Gholston, a college physical sensation and first round draft pick, had a contract bonus that set the bar extremely low: Former first-round draft pick Vernon Gholston was cut by the New York Jets this week after three years of not living up to his potential. How big a bust has Gholston been? Well, Adam Schefter reminded everyone today that Gholston had a clause built into his contract (before the 2010 season) that would award him a $9 million bonus if he simply recorded one sack. Or caused a fumble. Or a recovered a fumble.