New York

A Buyer's Guide to The Bushmaster Company
December 18, 2012

A big private equity firm is selling its stake in the company that makes the Bushmaster rifle. Here's a helpful guide for potential buyers.

Damien Hirst's Transition from Artist to Luxury Brand Is Complete
December 15, 2012

How come no one cares that he just severed ties with the world's most powerful art dealer? Because he's not an artist anymore.

How Ravi Shankar Paved the Way for the Concert for Sandy Relief
December 14, 2012

Ravi Shankar--who died this week at 92--established the model for the all-star benefit concert.

Five People Politico Should Have Called for Its Terrible Article on Fixing the Economy
December 11, 2012

When Politico declared a consensus on how to fix the economy, they forgot to call some folks—say, economists. So, we made the calls for them.

Soak the Almost Rich
December 07, 2012

Will no one speak the truth about the upper-middle class?

The Rushdie Affair and the Struggle Against Islamism
December 07, 2012

The persecution of a prophetic novel and a pompous novelist.

Not Everything Must Go
December 05, 2012

Rummaging at the museum felt like paying extra for free-trade coffee or the allegedly organic bananas as Wal-Mart.

Jay Rockefeller’s in Big Trouble in West Virginia—and So Are the Dems
November 29, 2012

It may be a long time before West Virginia votes to send another Democrat to Washington.

Immigration Reform’s Wild-Card Power Broker
November 23, 2012

The night after the presidential election, the news anchors on the Spanish-language network Univision,  Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Selena, began their nightly newscast with something of a celebration. As Ramos opened the broadcast, the screen lit up with the numbers 71 and 27—the share of the Hispanic electorate that voted, respectively, for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The surge in Latino voting was a coup for Ramos, who is as much an immigration activist as he is a news anchor.