Nicholas Burns

Bush Administration Tied To Radical Islamists
August 12, 2010

Feisel Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Cordoba House and the target of a hilariously elongated chain of guilt-by-association by conservatives, turns out to have been invited to speak abroad about Islam and America by the Bush administration: If one were to hearken back to the halcyon days of the Bush Administration, one would remember that, when Bush adviser Karen Hughes was appointed Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy, the Bush Administration saw improving America's standing among Muslims abroad as a part of its national security strategy.

Bang Galore
September 10, 2007

Be careful what you wish for. That is the lesson of the Bush administration's newly unveiled deal to provide India with nuclear fuel and technology. For years, opponents of the White House's foreign policy have called for more diplomacy--for further inspections in Iraq, for direct talks with North Korea, for any talks whatsoever on Iran's nuclear program. Now it appears that, in eschewing negotiation, the Bush administration was doing the United States a favor. Because, when the Bushies negotiate, they're extremely dangerous. Let's start with the very purpose of the agreement. Although U.S.

Squeeze Play
April 23, 2007

Dennis Ross explains how to negotiate with Tehran.

Peace Now
October 02, 2006

Over the last few months, a near-consensus has emerged in the press about the prospects for war with Iran: Here we go again. In The New Yorker, Seymour Hersh reports that the Bush administration has “intensified planning for a possible major air attack.” This week, a Time cover story concludes that “a much discussed—but until now largely theoretical—prospect has become real: that the U.S. may be preparing for war with Iran.” There is an undeniable logic behind these stories.