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Today at TNR (November 24, 2009)
November 24, 2009

How Wall Street Was Defeated on Capitol Hill--For Now, by Noam Scheiber Can Reform Actually Improve Medical Care? Not-So-Promising Signs From the Senate Bill. by Jonathan Cohn The Problem with Putting a Price Tag on Nature, by Bradford Plumer How Geithner Can Fix His Image Problem, by Noam Scheiber Peretz: The Accelerating Decline of Europe, by Marty Peretz Don’t Waste Any More Stimulus Money on Infrastructure, by Robert Puentes Watch Out, Obamacare Has Your Guns in its Sights! by Michelle Cottle Is It Too Late For the Fed to Help Ease Unemployment Rates?

Today at TNR (October 7, 2009)
October 07, 2009

Hey Moderate Democrats, Stop Making Excuses for Blocking Health Care Reform! by The Editors The Case for Responding to Ahmadinejad: Why the Holocaust Still Matters, by Michael Oren Meet the Next Glenn Beck, by Michelle Goldberg Cohn: Consumer Protection, Except for the Part About Protecting Consumers, by Jonathan Cohn How Louis XIV’s Favorite Underling Invented the Police State, by David Bell Scheiber: Obama's Pay Czar is Actually on the Right Track, by Noam Scheiber Peretz: The US and Egypt Co-Sponsored a UN Resolution on Freedom of Expression. What the Hell Is Going On?

Today at TNR (September 22, 2009)
September 22, 2009

The Only Way Obama Can Pull His Presidency Back From the Brink, by John B. Judis Is Our President a Protectionist?, by Noam Scheiber Introducing TNR's Truman Scale, Our Scoring System for Whether We'll Get a Good Health Care Plan This Year, by Jonathan Cohn Galston: Will Obama Follow Through on His Afghanistan Promise?, by William Galston Mainstream Republicans Don’t Deny Climate Change--But They Sure Embrace Those Who Do, by Lydia DePilli Scheiber: Worst. Regulatory. Proposal.