Norah Jones

Tony Bennett Duets
September 16, 2011

A musical duet is no less susceptible to power dynamics than any other intimate collaboration between two partners. In creative terms, someone is usually on top. Even when figures of virtually equal standing join up, as Kanye West and Jay-Z did recently with their extravagantly produced and even more extravagantly hyped match-up, Watch the Throne, it’s usually clear that one—in this case, Kanye—exerted more influence, if not quite dominance, over the other.

My Dinner With Sotomayor
November 20, 2009

Well, not exactly. Ben Smith blogs my tweet about dining two tables away from the newest Justice at the modest but nice ($20 entrees), Brooklyn restaurant Po last night. Which is not a shocker, as Sotomayor once lived in the surrounding Carroll Gardens neighborhood. She was eating with two dignified-looking women perhaps in their mid-to-late fifties--and forgot her purse, which her security detail returned for about half an hour later. For what it's worth, after nearly eighteen months in New York I've had disappointingly few celebrity sightings.

The Right Man
February 18, 2009

On the evening of January 20, as Washington’s liberals were toasting the inauguration of Barack Obama, some of the city’s most prominent conservative intellectuals escaped to the elegant Northwest Washington home of David Frum. In one room, Richard Perle—dressed in a jacket and royal-blue shirt, open at the collar—leaned against a fireplace as Norah Jones crooned softly on the stereo and tea candles flickered from the bookshelves.