North Carolina

Daily Breakdown: Romney's Best Polling Day Yet
October 13, 2012

After a week of swing state polls going Obama’s way, Romney finally added a wave of strong showings in the battleground states while preserving his lead in the national polls.   This is probably Romney’s best polling day of this election. Not only did he hold leads in the battleground state polls but Romney made relatively large gains compared to pre-DNC surveys. And the North Carolina poll where Obama led was partially conducted prior to the debate and Romney led by 6 points in the post-debate sample.

Dinosaur Makeover: Can Research Triangle Park Pull Itself Out of the 1950s?
October 12, 2012

North Carolina's Research Triangle Park was a cutting edge workplace, in the 1950s. Now, people don't even want to show up for work. Can it be fixed?

Could State Unemployment Rates Swing the Election?
October 05, 2012

Obama's bounce has been greatest in states where the unemployment rate is relatively low.

Daily Breakdown: Is Obama Struggling in Nevada?
September 28, 2012

Without CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac, today was all but assured to be a better polling day for Romney. That said, the polls still suggest that Obama leads nationally, as well as in states worth 348 electoral votes. Let's talk about Nevada. In most of the electoral maps produced here over the last four months, Nevada was presumed to be one of the very first battleground states to enter Obama's column.

Daily Breakdown: Obama's Bounce Cascades Across Battleground States
September 26, 2012

Obama's national advantage is buttressed by a lead in states worth 348 electoral votes.

Friendly Reminder: The Polls Are Usually Right
September 25, 2012

Despite the criticisms, the polls usually perform well on Election Day.

Where’s Claire McCaskill?
September 14, 2012

Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment was a huge gift to his opponent Claire McCaskill. So why is she avoiding the subject?

Daily Breakdown: Obama's Bounce Continues
September 10, 2012

 The tracking polls continue to show Obama holding a 5 point lead nationally and Obama maintained 50 and 52 percent approval ratings in Gallup and Rasmussen, suggesting another solid night of polling for the president.   CNN joined the chorus by showing Obama leading by 6 points among likely voters. Intriguingly, Obama didn’t make meaningful gains among registered voters, who Obama led by 8 points. Instead, Obama’s bounce was primarily the result of renewed Democratic enthusiasm.

The Ohio Strategy
September 10, 2012

The Obama campaign is doubling down on their advantage in Ohio.