Republicans Won the Midterms. The NRA Did Not.
November 11, 2014

An unlikely silver lining for liberals.

Democrats Who Stand With the NRA Win Nothing
October 06, 2014

In fact, two of them just might lose this fall.

Release the Full, Horrific Video of a 9-Year-Old Killing Her Gun Instructor With an Uzi
August 28, 2014

Americans should see what carnage their gun laws have wrought.

I'm a Doctor. Here's Why I'll Ask You About Guns.
July 30, 2014

A federal court upheld a Florida law prohibiting physicians from asking about gun ownership. That's nuts.

America's Wild-West Gun Laws Are Helping Fuel the Border Crisis
July 20, 2014

The unwanted traffic between the U.S. and Central America goes both ways.

Maybe the Supreme Court Isn't as Pro-Gun as We Thought
June 16, 2014

Justice Kennedy rejects an audacious new NRA argument.

Bloomberg's Going Long on Gun Control. But 2014 Comes First.
April 16, 2014

4 big things you need to know about Everytown for Gun Safety.

Are Guns a Public Health Issue? Let Us Count The Ways...
April 03, 2014

Lead from ammunition. Loss of hearing from gunshots. Widespread PTSD.

Don't Whitewash the Legacy of Rep. John Dingell, D-NRA
February 24, 2014

John Dingell had an amazing 58 years in the House. For that, the NRA is grateful.