There's a Perfectly Good NSA Defense that the Obama Administration Isn't Making
August 18, 2013

I cannot decide if I am more annoyed at the Washington Post or more annoyed at the Obama administration for the way this latest cache of Snowden-leaked NSA documents is playing.

Hillary Clinton's Smart Campaign Opening
August 13, 2013

I hope Hillary enjoyed her time off; it looks like her campaign is underway.

The Lies Aren't What Make Obama's NSA Stance So Awful
August 12, 2013

President Obama’s repeated comments that “there is no spying on Americans” and that “we don’t have a domestic spying program,” as he told Jay Leno, were contradicted by two revelations at the end of last week.

This Is the Summer of Lovecraft
August 09, 2013

All summer I've been manacled to my desk writing a book about a former friend of mine, the impostor and convicted killer known to the world and the media as Clark Rockefeller.

Born in the ***
July 11, 2013

Ever since Edward Snowden plugged his thumb drive into the USB port of global consciousness, I've been monitoring myself and others for signs of incipient paranoia. I detected a few almost immediately.

Evo Morales Forced to Face His Mortality and Powerlessness
July 03, 2013

Poor Evo Morales. The leftist Bolivian president was in Moscow on Monday and Tuesday for the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, and must have been feeling quite important indeed.

Glenn Greenwald: Columnist or Criminal?
Just because objectivity can't exist in journalism doesn't mean writers shouldn't strive for it
July 02, 2013

What the debate over his role reveals about the idea of objectivity in journalism.

Four Ways Obama Needs to Control His Spooks
July 01, 2013

How to roll back the surveillance state.

Julian Assange Basks in Edward Snowden's Spotlight
June 24, 2013

When Edward Snowden revealed the scope of the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance programs earlier this month, he seemed more than comfortable speaking for himself.

Sources of Discomfort
National security reporting in the age of leak hunts
June 20, 2013

National security reporting in the age of leak hunts.