Obama Clinton

Running on Empty
December 14, 2011

For all of their differences, the Republican candidates agree on one thing: They don’t like President Obama’s policies. That’s fine. Elections are supposed to be about clear choices. And, while we have found plenty to admire in Obama’s tenure, we too believe that there are many issues on which he has fallen depressingly short. He didn’t act swiftly or aggressively enough to improve the economy. He was too deferential to Wall Street. He’s been too lenient toward dictators and too slow to unequivocally align the United States with those seeking freedom the world over.

Keystone Conundrum
November 23, 2011

What's the matter with Pennsylvania? That question, or the implication of it, was embedded near the end of my last post looking at whether President Obama faces an "Ohio versus Virginia" choice in plotting a path to reelection.

Contempt Vs. Resentment
July 22, 2008

My response to the McCain gas prices ad was similar to Jason's--that is, I think the "O-ba-ma" chants in the background are at least as important as the (absurd) policy dig in the foreground. But where Jason hears contempt in the ad (and in some of Mark Salter's comments about Obama), I hear something slightly different: resentment. The storyline that seems to be taking hold a bit is that Obama is the golden child, the popular kid, the one whose every comment or action is immediately the News of the Day.

What About Bill?
July 01, 2008

Now that Obama and Bill Clinton have finally chatted, the big question is: how should Obama use the 42nd president in his campaign? Terry McAuliffe offers a suggestion to Time's Karen Tumulty: Obama has no trouble generating mega-crowds on his own, nor does he need Clinton's help in fundraising. Instead, says McAuliffe, it might make more sense for the Obama to deploy Bill as Hillary did, in small towns and rural areas that have never seen a political star of his magnitude in the flesh. The Obama campaign knows well how effective Bill Clinton was in bringing out the vote in these settings.