The GOP Has a New Health Plan—and It Sounds Exactly Like the Old One
March 17, 2014

Implementing this plan now would probably mean taking away coverage from a lot of people who just got it.

Begala to Dems: Come Out Swinging on Obamacare
March 14, 2014

Some wisdom from a campaign veteran: If you're backpedaling, then you're losing the argument.

Obamacare's Mandate Is Complicating Life for Both Parties
March 13, 2014

A Republican attack backfires, but Democrats should be careful about celebrating too much.

Obamacare Is Hurting Democratic Candidates Because Republicans Are Hurting Obamacare
March 12, 2014

Democrats should worry about their loss of a special House election last night. But abandoning Obamacare is not the answer.

Obamacare Enrollment Didn't Slow Down in February
Attention, critics: February has 28 days.
March 12, 2014

Apparently the critics didn't look at the calendar: February has 28 days. Factor that in and the daily total actually rose.

Obamacare Enrollment Now Up to 4 Million
March 11, 2014

Amazing what happens once you get a website to work.

Don’t Expect Conservative Media to Cover This New Obamacare Poll
March 10, 2014

A hint of good news about the Affordable Care Act. Let's see who notices.

The Latest Obamacare Delay and What It Means
March 06, 2014

Sometimes good things happen for bad reasons

Six Healthcare Megatrends Caused by Obamacare
March 04, 2014

VIP care, the end of employer-sponsored health coverage, and other changes that are coming.

Insurance Companies as We Know Them Are About to Die
And here's what's going to replace them
March 02, 2014

Thanks to Obamacare, your much-hated insurance firm probably won't be around much longer. But the companies that will replace them might not be much better.