Six Reasons Hipsters Will Bite on Obamacare
August 01, 2013

You’re a 26-year-old single dude, holding down a pair of part-time jobs tending bar and painting houses, and making about $24,000 a year.

Obama Is Still a Terrible Salesman for Obamacare
It's time for a presidential moment
July 30, 2013

We need a serious and sustained presidential conversation with the country about the new health care reform laws—or progressives risk losing ownership of this once-in-a-generation liberal reform.

A New Howard Dean Scream—for Big Pharma
July 29, 2013

Remember when Howard Dean was a rabble-rousing progressive, the one who ran for president railing against special interests?

Another State Reports Low Obamacare Insurance Rates
July 26, 2013

The latest state to publish insurance rates under Obamacare is Maryland. The results seem consistent with the pattern we’ve seen so far. When state officials want the law to work, it works pretty well. And Maryland officials want the law to work. 

The Right's Latest Scheme to Sabotage Obamacare
July 25, 2013

It was one thing when Obamcare critics started fighting attempts to educate people about the law's insurance options—warning sports leagues not to promote the new benefits, for example, or criticzing states undertaking outreach efforts of their own.

Look at These F---ing Hipsters Without Health Care
July 25, 2013

The Wall Street Journal could not have found a more perfect hipster to illustrate why, as a Thursday headline reads, "New Health-Care Law's Success Rests on the Young." His name is Gabe Meiffren.

Held Hostage by a Hospital
The Mayo Clinic is making Rochester, Minn., double in size—and billing residents for it
July 24, 2013

When the billionaire owner of the Minnesota Vikings football team decided last year he wanted a new, $1 billion stadium, he did what sports franchise owners often do: threaten to relocate to another state—at least implicitly—and thereby wrung nearly

Conservatives Brace for the Possibility Obamacare Won't Totally Suck
July 23, 2013

Leaders of the Republican Party are still predicting that Obamacare will be a disaster, one that will wreak havoc on American health care. Most of their allies in the media say the same thing.

Hoosier Hustle? Another Dubious Attack on Obamacare
July 21, 2013

Obamacare got some bad news late Thursday afternoon. State officials in Indiana announced that premiums for residents buying insurance on their own next year would be 72 percent higher than the premiums such people typically pay this year.

We Don't Know Everything About Obamacare. But We Know Who's Trying to Sabotage It.
July 19, 2013

The implementation of Obamacare is an awfully difficult subject to cover. It requires following developments in Washington and in the 50 states, each with its own unique challenges and politics.