One of Obama's Biggest Climate Change Obstacles Is His Own Administration
April 14, 2015

How can the administration lead by example when the Department of Interior is responsible for nearly a quarter of all U.S. emissions?

Fracking Is Good for American Consumers
March 20, 2015

But we still need to account for the environmental costs.

Oil Workers Are Striking Because They're Underpaid and Overworked—and It's Killing Them
February 10, 2015

This is the workers' first nationwide strike in 35 years.

Tony Blair Has Another Repressive Central Asian Autocracy to Sell You
January 05, 2015

The ex-prime minister and his colleague cash in while human rights are ignored. 

Stop Celebrating the Ruble's Collapse. Cheap Oil Could Come Back to Bite the American Economy
December 16, 2014

The lower the prices of oil goes, the less sense drilling in Western states makes. 

Gas Prices Have Gone Way Down. Why Aren't Republicans Thanking Obama?
October 22, 2014

Because the president has nothing to do with gas prices!

How Congress Planned To Solve The 1970s Energy Crisis
August 12, 2014

Hindsight does wonders. Mo Udall, former pro-basketball player turned member of Congress, proposed an ambitious agenda to wean the United States off fossil fuels by the year 2000.

When Big Oil Was "The Great Vampire Squid" Wrapped Around America
August 12, 2014

Ralph Nader called Robert Engler "an early bell-ringer" in explaining the political influence of the oil lobby. Read Engler's 1955 award-winning investigation into the oil industry.

We Are Doing the Right Thing
August 11, 2014

The U.S. airstrikes in Iraq are about saving lives, not oil fields.

The U.S. Is Accidentally Pushing Kurdistan Toward Independence From Iraq
July 29, 2014

Kurdish oil is sitting off the Texas coast right now—and a U.S. judge just ordered its seizure.