Patrick Gaspard

Bill Clinton’s Solipsism Remains Intact
September 02, 2012

Because Ryan Lizza’s terrific piece in this week’s New Yorker is filled with such good anecdotes, you might not notice something until you are finished reading it. I certainly didn’t. Lizza reports on the long rapprochement between Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as the White House sought to bring Clinton into the tent and utilize him in this year’s election campaign. Bad feelings, stemming from Obama’s lack of respect for Clinton’s two terms in office, and the nasty 2008 primary campaign, still linger.

Getting To Know Patrick Gaspard
November 21, 2008

NAME: Patrick Gaspard AGE: 41 NEW APPOINTMENT: White House political director (the position Rahm Emanuel initially held under Clinton) HOW HE KNOWS OBAMA: Worked as the campaign's political director from June 2008 until the election; now associate personnel director for the transition. OTHER TOP POSITIONS: Until de-registering a few weeks ago, he was lead political operative (lobbyist) at 1199, the SEIU's mid-Atlantic healthcare labor union; also national field director in 2004 for America Coming Together (ACT), a 527 get-out-the-vote group. KNOWN FOR: Organizing successful ground operations f