Paul D. Ryan

Blame Paul Ryan for Your Son’s Workout Addiction
November 19, 2012

It's just not the "Jersey Shore" guys who are promoting the body-conscious complex in our boys. It's our politicians, too!

Paul Ryan On The Impossibility Of A Grand Bargain
August 17, 2011

Paul Ryan explains why there won't be a Grand Bargain on the deficit: “I don’t think this committee is going to achieve a full fix to our problems, because Democrats have never wanted to put their health care bill on the table,” Representative Paul D. Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican who leads the House Budget Committee and studiously avoided assignment to the new panel, said in a recent interview on “Fox News Sunday.” Of course, the Affordable Care Act reduces the deficit by a substantial amount over the long term.

Mankiw's Misleading Defense Of Paul Ryan
June 20, 2011

Former Bush economic advisor Greg Mankiw, writing in the New York Times, picks up the GOP talking point that Paul Ryan's plan to radically alter Medicare is really a pretty familiar bipartisan idea being blown out of propotion: Representative Paul D. Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, has attracted much attention with his plan to reform Medicare.

Ground Zero Of The Ryan Backlash
May 06, 2011

Why are Republicans in Washington freaking out about the Paul Ryan budget? Here's one reason why. It's almost single-handedly made a special election for Congress in a Republican district highly competitive: Only weeks ago, top Democrats appeared to have all but written off a special election for a Congressional seat in the suburbs of Buffalo. After all, Republican voters vastly outnumber Democrats in the district, and the Republican candidate, Jane L. Corwin, a well-liked state assemblywoman, seemed to be a shoo-in. Then along came Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin. Mr.