Paul Ryan

Clinton, Obama, and the Triumph of Substance
September 06, 2012

As usual, Clinton talked for too long and in too much detail. It almost certainly worked.

This Should Be Obama’s Answer to ‘Are You Better Off?’
September 04, 2012

Why it's legitimate to ask whether Americans are better off, and how Obama should answer.

The Difference Between Political Lies and Political Dishonesty
September 04, 2012

Some smart pundits are saying the media shouldn't call out Romney and Ryan on dishonesty. Here's why they're wrong.

Not Much Evidence That Romney Got a Post-Convention Bounce—and That Should Worry Him
September 04, 2012

The post-convention polls show a close race, just as they did before the convention.

Confused, Crass, and Cranky: The Accidental Political Genius of Clint Eastwood
August 31, 2012

Eastwood's bizarre performance perfectly channeled the free-floating, inchoate animus toward Obama.

Football Wreaks Havoc on Democratic Convention Schedule
August 31, 2012

The Obama campaign has done a poor job dealing with the NFL regular season opener.

The Astounding Incoherence of the Republican Convention
August 31, 2012

With the exception of paid ads, national conventions provide the most controlled environment for messaging any party or campaign can possibly enjoy. Not a word goes into the party platform or onto the podium teleprompters without approval from the nominee’s staff.

Romney’s Convention Aimed for Swing Voters, but Lost the Tea Party
August 31, 2012

TAMPA—Mitt Romney did what he had to do during this convention. He avoided scandals and untoward incidents, and he gave an acceptance speech that puts him in a good position to run against Barack Obama. There was a downside to the convention, however, that was not visible on television. It pitted Romney against the Republican party’s activist core.

Cardinal Dolan’s Paul Ryan Problem
August 31, 2012

In the weeks since Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan to be his running mate, there has been a lot of talk about whether Ryan will face problems with Catholic voters over the fact that church leaders have repeatedly criticized his budget for its extreme cuts to social programs and “fail[ure] to meet moral criteria.” But there has been very little discussion about the much bigger problem Ryan poses for the U.S. Catholic bishops themselves, especially the man who offered the benediction Thursday night after Romney’s acceptance speech—Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Dolan is both the president of the U.S.

The RNC's Sneak Preview of the Coming Republican Primary Bloodbath
August 31, 2012

Four or eight years from the next GOP primary, it's already hard to keep track of the talented potential candidates.