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Bill's Breakdown
July 02, 2008

This article by Tim Shipman and Philip Sherwell in the (London) Daily Telegraph was published just hours before Bill Clinton deigned to talk with Barack Obama on the phone. The dispatch reports that the imperial president had insisted to others that Obama would have to "kiss my ass" to win his support in the election. Of course, he probably didn't since Obama does not take insults as graciously as he does disagreements. Moreover, Clinton is smart enough to know that Hillary's political future is now very much in distress. And his own future very much depends on hers.

More On Gen. Jim Jones, Vp Contender
June 10, 2008

Some insight into why Jones may be moving up Obama's short list, care of Bob Woodward's State of Denial: Shelton has been [Joint Chiefs] chairman since 1997. His four-year term would be up in the fall. Rumsfeld assigned the sensitive task of helping find a successor to Staser Holcomb, the kitchen cabinet consultant and retired vice admirial... Holcomb had been asking to see Marine Commandant General James L. Jones, a tough, 6-foot-5 Marine who had a cosmopolitan side.

How To Fix Healthcare
May 20, 2008

Readers may recall an article by Ezekiel Emanuel and Nobel Laureate in Economics Victor Fuchs in TNR a while ago about their truly brilliant and, in my view, ineluctable proposal for paying for basic health care in America. Some time later we alluded in an editorial to the provocation of their plan to all the other policy contortions that pass as the foundations of legislation.Zeke has now expanded this work into a book, Healthcare, Guaranteed, published by Public Affairs Press.

Live From The Holy Land
May 20, 2008

I am in Israel and I'm sorry that I haven't posted during the last few days. But my old Toshiba laptop has collapsed and I bought myself a MacBook Air whose exquisite intricacies I am still trying to master. Here goes: There are several reasons for my trip now and at least one reason for my not coming to the 60th anniversary festivities at which George Bush was the most notable guest and which was also attended by Henry Kissinger, hundreds of weighty intellectuals, 9 Nobel Laureates, several TNR folk and more than a smattering of celebs.

Why'd Obama Join Trinity In The First Place?
April 29, 2008

The question is worth revisiting now that his ex-pastor is threatening his entire campaign.   I've heard two basic theories since the Wright tapes first surfaced in March. The first is cynical: Obama was a black politician in Chicago with an exotic background and intimidating credentials. He needed a home in a black church to gain credibility with his less educated, less affluent, more parochial-minded constituents. Trinity offered him the requisite cred.

Can Clinton's Scorched-earth Tactics Work?
April 16, 2008

  Doug Schoen has an op-ed in today's Washington Post urging Hillary Clinton to finally get tough with Barack Obama.

For The Annals Of Humility
April 08, 2008

I didn't see Vanessa Parise's first film, Kiss the Bride, but judging from the synopsis of her second, Jack and Jill Vs the World, she is the best thing to happen to cinema, and the world, since--well, perhaps ever. (Missing text about ten lines in is in the original):  Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Taryn Manning star in Jack and Jill vs. the World, a love story for cynics by actress/writer/producer/director Vanessa Parise. The film opens April 11th. Parise’s films, by design, are more than pure escapist entertainment.

The Number To Watch On Tuesday Night
March 03, 2008

  With the Clinton campaign now saying they will stay in the race even if they lose delegates in Texas, it's worth putting into perspective just how difficult it would be for them to close Barack Obama's lead in pledged delegates. For Clinton to pull ahead, she will need to win 57% of the remaining pledged delegates. To keep that number from rising even higher, they of course need to win 57% of the delegates on Tuesday, which would mean getting at least 213 delegates to Obama's 161 -- a 52 delegate advantage. If they net anything below 52 delegates, they fall even further behind.

Mitt Romney, Home Boy
February 05, 2008

So Romney's staying in. No surprise there, especially when you consider that the states McCain has won tonight tend to be states that Republicans lose in November. In his speech, Romney noted that he's won in three states in which he's lived: Michigan, Utah, and Massachusetts. But Romney also lived in California for a bit when he attended Stanford (before transferring to BYU). I wonder why he didn't mention that. --Jason Zengerle

Not Being There
November 01, 2007

Commenting on the Paul Waldman takedown of Tim Russert that Jon noted yesterday, Daniel Larison makes a few typically sharp (in both senses of the word) observations.