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Are You Experienced?
November 27, 2007

I think Obama has finally found an effective rejoinder to Clinton's continued attacks on his experience (or lack thereof). From an interview with ABC's "Nightline": "I think the fact of the matter is that Sen.

Tough Questions For Edwards And Thompson
November 04, 2007

   John Edwards was the featured guest on ABC's "This Week" today. Here's one question he got from George Stephanopoulos: Sometimes when you talk about [electability] a lot of people listen and say you're slipping into code. You say things like, in Iowa, "picture in your head, each us is running in a tough place"--you, Senator Obama, Senator Clinton--"which one's gonna be more helpful, which one's not? Your instincts will tell you the right answer." A lot of people hear that and say that's some kind of racial/gender code. "Absolutely not," Edwards replied.

Kerrey Passes On Senate Run

  Kerrey Out [Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times]: "After flirting with the idea for months, Bob Kerrey closed the door today on the idea of returning to Nebraska to run for his old seat in the United States Senate. It was an anguishing decision for Mr. Kerrey, according to friends and supporters, who heard him argue both sides of the equation.

Aliens Smell Nice

Over at TPM,  Eric Kleefield has accepted the harrowing chore of perusing Shirley MacLaine's new book and has discovered a delightful story about how her friend, Dennis Kucinich, told her that during a visit to her Washington state home, he communed with a UFO: "Dennis found his encounter extremely moving," MacLaine writes. "The smell of roses drew him out to my balcony where, when he looked up, he saw a gigantic triangular craft, silent, and observing him. "It hovered, soundless, for 10 minutes or so, and sped away with a speed he couldn't comprehend.

Glamorous Pictures
October 11, 2007

James Fenimore Cooper: The Early Years By Wayne Franklin (Yale University Press, 705 pp., $40) Click here to purchase the book. Like Poe, Stowe, and Longfellow, James Fenimore Cooper--"Fenimore" to his friends--is a giant of world literature with a sharply diminished stature at home.

The Views Of Economists

Tyler Cowen argues that there's something of a vast left-wing conspiracy among economists in academia: "Often the real dissent in economics comes from the free market side; left-wing heterodoxy is more aligned with the mainstream than it cares to admit." Now it's certainly true that most economists in academia are not as gung-ho about unregulated free markets as Cowen is, but that's a far cry from suggesting, as Cowen's George Mason colleague Daniel Klein does, that the academic economics establishment reflects the views of someone like Robert Reich. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot

More Evidence Of A Secret Clinton Pact?

I'm a little late on this, but here's another comment that stood out when I went over the transcript of Bill Clinton's "Meet the Press" appearance this weekend: I think she's the best suited, best qualified nonincumbent I've had a chance to vote for for president for this moment in time. So I don't want to see her eliminated because, because we've been together for so long, and we've had a life we enjoyed immensely and--because I always thought, when we were going together in law school, I thought--I literally told her she shouldn't marry me because she was more gifted than me at politics.

The Majestic Assassination of Jesse James
October 01, 2007

Gentleman bandit. Heartless killer. Confederate martyr. Rank opportunist. Inspiration. Abomination. Jesse James has been considered all of the above by various people at various times, but Andrew Dominik's The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is largely agnostic regarding such disputes. The film is concerned less with the content of James's character than with the meaning of his murder. Insofar as it asks a question, it is whether a man who has been elevated to myth can continue to coexist with mere mortals.

"a Large Number Of Homosexuals"

The Jerusalem Post reports on the accusations and counter-accusations of homosexuality that are currently flying between Hamas and Fatah officials in the Palestinian territories. Following its takeover of the Gaza Strip in June, Hamas claimed to have seized videos and documents implicating senior Fatah officials in homosexual activity. The story is laughable in its depiction of the warring Palestinian factions' Keystone Kops attempts to outdo one another in providing documentation and video of alleged gay sex.

The Devil's Advocate
September 24, 2007

The sleazy lobbyist who might save the world.