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The Shrinking Tent
November 17, 2008

David Frum leaves National Review: “The answers to the Republican dilemma are not obvious and we need a vibrant discussion,” he said. “I think a little more distance can help everybody do a better job of keeping their temper.”... Mr. Frum said deciding to leave was amicable, but distancing himself from the magazine founded by his idol, Mr. Buckley, was not a hard decision.

Kid Vengeance
November 05, 2008

Before Joe Lieberman attends his planned meeting with Harry Reid later this week, he might want to re-read Elsa Walsh's 2005 New Yorker profile of the then-Senate Minority Leader, in particular this anecdote: “I believe in vengeance,” he once told a reporter. In May, he began a commencement address at George Washington University Law School by saying that the last time he had set foot on the campus was January, 1964—the year he graduated from the school....

Where Philadelphia’s Voting From
November 04, 2008

PHILADELPHIA, PA--The best thing about covering elections in Philadelphia: The polling places. City policy prioritizes spots within walking distance of people's houses, which means that the 1,600-odd divisions within a 120 square-mile town include bowling alleys, garages, bars, a roller rink, a karate studio called Urban Defense Fitness Center, and numerous private homes.

Mccain Brings Hope To Pennsylvania
October 22, 2008

There had been some pushback from McCain operatives about whether the Republican in fact intended to concede Colorado, as CNN had reported yesterday.

October 20, 2008

Another bit that jumped out at me in the Jane Mayer piece I cited earlier was her description of the McCain camp's veep selection endgame: A week or so before McCain named [Sarah Palin], however, sources close to the campaign say, McCain was intent on naming his fellow-senator Joe Lieberman, an independent, who left the Democratic Party in 2006.

More Political Wisdom From Bill Kristol
October 15, 2008

 I realize that at this point it's ridiculous to treat Bill Kristol as anything other than an intellectually dishonest apologist for his pal John McCain. Still, he is a prominent pundit who is presumably still taken seriously by someone somewhere, and so I feel compelled to take issue with his remarks in Mo Dowd's column today. Asked about his increasingly lonely cheerleading of Sarah Palin, Kristol snipped: Conservative eggheads are my friends, but politically they're a contrarian indicator.

Obama And Ayers: The View From Hyde Park
October 11, 2008

In view of the truly despicable efforts, by Sarah Palin and others, to discredit Barack Obama by association, I thought that it might be appropriate to repost a relevant post of mine from this past April. I would add that some of the recent personal attacks fall outside the bounds of decency. Consider, for example, this statement: "This is not a man who sees America as you see America and as I see America. Our opponent is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect that he's palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.

Another Change Of Course?
October 08, 2008

For a few days prior to last night's debate, the McCain camp seemed to have decided to put its eggs into the guilt-by-association basket, linking Barack Obama to William Ayers at every opportunity and even raising (through Sarah Palin) the subject of Jeremiah Wright, whom the campaign had previously declared off the table.

Putting On Ayers
October 04, 2008

Richard Stern is a novelist and emeritus professor of English at the University of Chicago. The political word today is that the Republicans will return to personal attacks on Obama and Biden to draw attention away from McCain's erratic performance during the days before the passage of the Great Rescue/Bailout/U.S.-as-Sweden bill. We are supposedly to hear again about the Reverend Wright, the unreverend Tony Lezko, and William Ayers, the unrepentent Weatherman. Of these three Chicagoans, I know only the last.

More Rothschild Populism
September 11, 2008

  Clinton dead-ender Lynn Forrester de Rothschild today takes to the Wall Street Journal to attack Barack Obama as an elitist. Forrester trots out the usual GOP/old Clintonite talking points -- "his current campaign is based mainly on an assumption of his transcendence," Greek columns, fake presidential seal, with no acknowledgement that Obama is giving meaty speeches filled with programmatic solutions keyed to middle-class and working-class voters.