"At Peace With The Rest Of Society"
January 17, 2012

I don't expect to have anything more to say about Jon Huntsman until he is named Commerce Secretary under either a Romney or second-term Obama administration, but this nugget from today's Washington Post valedictory piece by Phil Rucker and Jason Horowitz was worth passing along: This past week, even as his candidacy collapsed, Huntsman took to saying he was still “in the hunt.” But except for some rare flashes, Huntsman failed to demonstrate the killer instincts required to remove Romney from his political path. “He was a shooter, a target shooter, but he was not a killer,” Huntsman’s younger

Web Alert
December 07, 2004

When Spider-Man hit theaters in the spring of 2002, I thought it had distilled the perfect formula for cinema superheroics, a careful blend of in-costume action and out-of-costume drama, seasoned with a dash of unrequited adolescent longing and liberal portions of Tobey Maguire's insistent adorability. There was no reason to doubt that the recipe would work equally well in a sequel. Clearly, the filmmakers also felt they had found a replicable formula; they just took the idea a little more literally.

The Winds of Windsorism
December 11, 1989

Prince Charles's war against Modern architecture.

The Afghan Ayatollah
November 21, 1988

Meet America's new fundamentalist allies.