Peter Wehner

Checking In On Old Friends
July 07, 2011

I've been taking a bit of a vacation from enjoying the comic stylings of Peter Wehner, but I decided to check in on the former Bush administration Minister of Propaganda to see if he was still sounding his daily triumphant declarations of the demise of Barack Obama. Turns out he is: [B]y this point in the Clinton presidency the prospects for Democrats were looking up, and in fact, Clinton was well on his way to winning a comfortable re-election.

Republicans For Religious Tolerance
March 29, 2011

In response to Herman Cain's declaration that he would never appoint a Muslim to his cabinet or a federal judgeship, my dear friend Peter Wehner fires back: This is an ugly and undiluted form of bigotry. It assumes, against the overwhelming evidence, that every Muslim believes in the most radical interpretation of Sharia law, when in fact millions of American Muslims are fully reconciled with democracy and the protection of minority rights.

Apparently I Am A Mushy Wimp
January 05, 2011

National Review's John Derbyshire, explaining the sharp tone of his debate with Peter Wehner, notes: Other readers — and, vide supra, my colleague Kathryn — regretted the rancorous tone of the discussion. I don’t really see their point. I am of the same kidney as the late Auberon Waugh, who defined opinion journalism as being among “the vituperative arts.” I enjoy the sensation of my boot connecting with the other bloke’s groin. Perhaps it’s an English thing.

The Obama Presidency Unraveling
July 26, 2010

That's the headline of Bush administration Minister of Propaganda Peter Wehner's latest: The Denver Post endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008. So it’s yet one more indication of the problems now buffeting the Obama presidency when its editorial features sentences such these: “Welcome to the summer of malaise. Welcome back, Carter.” They are now becoming almost too numerous to list. But let’s try: Surging deficits. A very weak economy. Persistently high unemployment (far beyond what the Obama administration predicted). The unraveling of promises made about ObamaCare.

Please Tell Me You're Not Calling Obama A Fake Cowboy Now
June 09, 2010

Earlier this week, Matt Lauer had this exchange in an interview with President Obama: MR. LAUER: -- that this is not the time to meet with experts and advisers. This is a time to spend more time in the Gulf and -- I never thought I'd say this to a president -- but kick some butt. PRESIDENT OBAMA: (Chuckles.) MR. LAUER: And I don't mean it to be funny. PRESIDENT OBAMA: No. And I understand. And here's what -- I'm going to push back hard on this, because I think that this is just an idea that got in folks' heads and the media has run with it.

Wehner Will Be There, In All His Glory
June 07, 2010

I sometimes wonder if this blog's unparalleled Peter Wehner coverage is testing the patience of my readers. The former Bush administration Minister of Propaganda and Karl Rove aide de camp has settled into the humdrum life of a conservative think-tank sinecure and a blog at Commentary. Yet I cannot resist, because Wehner's psychology is so hilariously transparent. Every moment of his waking life is filled with burning anger at the indignities suffered by the great George W. Bush, and an equally burning desire for vindication via revenge against Barack Obama.

Today’s Wehner Fallacy
June 02, 2010

You’ll never guess. It’s Peter Wehner! Gallup’s generic ballot poll (courtesy of the indispensible RealClearPolitics) shows a 49-43 percent lead for the GOP, the largest lead for Republicans since the poll started in the midpoint of the last century. The fact that this is almost unsurprising is evidence of the dangers facing the Democratic Party, and the modern liberal agenda, this November. … The political noose continues to tighten around the necks of Democrats.

The Rasmussen Problem
May 25, 2010

Daniel Foster at National Review trumpets a decline in President Obama's approval ratings: Obama Approval Index Hits New Low Rasmussen has Obama's approval index — strong disapproval subtracted from strong approval — at -20, its lowest point to date. Obama's overall approval/disapproval split stands 42/56, dragged down by poor grades on the economy and the handling of the BP oil spill. Are Obama's approval ratings falling? Well, yes, according to Rasmussen. No, according to everybody else: Rasmussen polling occupies an odd place in the political culture.

Wehner Throbs With Anticipation
April 29, 2010

One of my shameful hobbies is watching the almost sensual pleasure taken by former Karl Rove aide Peter Wehner at the coming of the November elections. Yesterday brought an especially entertaining spasm of schadenfreude. Here's Wehner at 4:32 PM: Yet More Bad Poll News For Obama More troubling poll data for President Obama. According to the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press: Public perceptions of two of the federal government’s most sweeping efforts to right the economy could be contributing to the pessimism.

Who's Smarter, Obama Or Bush?
April 14, 2010

Former Bush aide Tevi Troy's essay in National Affairs, "Bush, Obama, and the Intellectuals," is kind of strange. It begins by promising to confound the popular impression that Barack Obama is an intellectual and George W. Bush is not: America's intellectual class seems to adore President Barack Obama nearly as much as it reviled his predecessor. While George W. Bush was routinely derided for his purported lack of intelligence and learning, Obama has been embraced by the intellectuals as one of their own — to a degree unmatched by any president since perhaps Woodrow Wilson.