Philip Klein

The Lies About General Petraeus About Israel
March 25, 2010

The story had some wings for a few days. But, like the tale of Icarus, Mark Perry's fabrication in Foreign Policy about David Petraeus collapsed into the tempestuous sea of truth. As we know, there are many in the media who would have wanted the general to have accused Israel of endangering American soldiers and U.S. interests. And, frankly, I suspect that Barack Obama would have also been happy if the Commander of the U.S. Central Command had enunciated such anxieties. These would have given the president some rationale for his desperate and accelerated distancing from the Jewish state.

Yin And Yang
December 12, 2008

RCP's list of afternoon headlines includes this sequence:       Obama's Heavyweights to Fix Health Care - Ezra Klein, American Prospect       The March to Socialized Health Care - Philip Klein, American Spectator --Michael Crowley

Your Daily Gop Bloodbath
March 29, 2007

National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru, who seems to be supporting John McCain, points out that Rudy Giuliani has flop-flopped on the merits of a flat tax. At The American Spectator, Giuliani supporter Philip Klein replies. He concedes that Rudy Giuliani is a flip-flopper. "Clearly, most normal human beings who read those statements would rightly come to the conclusion that Giuliani changed his position on the flat tax," he writes. But, Klein insists, at least Giuliani isn't as brazen as Romney: My criticisms of Romney have been based on the nature of his metamorphosis.