Phillip Caldwell

Our Editors' Favorite Pieces
November 06, 2010

Jonathan Chait: For The New Republic’s 96th anniversary, we’re running a feature where some longtime writers and editors highlight a favorite article. Wait, you ask—96th anniversary? Why? I think it’s because we forgot to do anything for the 95th, and the 97th through 99th anniversaries are at least as silly as the 96th, and by the 100th anniversary, we’ll be living under the Palin regime, where all forms of reading will have been forgotten, and we’ll all be wearing animal skins and subsisting on wild plants.

Must-Read Classic Kinsley
April 15, 2010

Today TNR is featuring one of my all-time favorite articles -- "The Mystery Of The Free Lunch" by Michael Kinsley, published in 1981. It's very difficult to describe this piece. The basic argument of the piece is that, while supply-side economics claims that tax rates on the rich play a crucial role in aligning incentives, a massive amount of consumption by the rich is actually tax-free.

The Mystery of the Free Lunch
May 23, 1981

Michael Kinsley on swanky business expenses.