Would Van Gogh Have Taken Selfies? Probably.
November 20, 2013

Yesterday, the Oxford English Dictionary named “selfie” the 2013 “Word of the Year”—sending the Internet off on a predictable wave of hand-wringing over this generation’s narcissism.

Michael Galinsky's Retro Photos of 1980s Shopping Malls Are, Like, Totally Rad
November 06, 2013

Just another reminder of why crimped hair went out of style.

Eleven Photographs of a Miniature Apocalypse
November 03, 2013

The artist Lori Nix, who  considers herself a “faux landscape photographer,” spends months constructing tiny dioramas out of cardboard, glue, and point—only to destroy them.

This Classic Photo From the Red Sox' Victory Could Have Been Taken in 1918
October 31, 2013

A couple of hours after the Boston Red Sox, who finished last in their division in 2012, beat the St.

'Then I Found Myself Seeing Pictures All the Time'
Stephen Shore's photos will make you put away your camera phone
October 22, 2013

His pictures are both antidote and antecedent to our compulsive, social-media photography.

The Best Part About the Shutdown Ending: Our National Parks’ Instagram Feed Is Back
October 18, 2013

Over the course of the shutdown, the closure of the National World War II Memorial and its periodic, Bastille-style forcible reopening became a sort of emblem of the whole sordid affair.

These Unbelievable Photos Make Hong Kong Look Like Abstract Art
October 16, 2013

The photographer Michael Wolf's study of Hong Kong, "The Architecture of Density," began with the SARS outbreak in 2002.

'Places Can Disappear'
Tim Richmond's terrific photographs of the American West
October 10, 2013

British photographer Tim Richmond first experienced the American West at a rodeo, in Sheridan, Wyoming. “Straight away, I was hooked,” he says. That was in 2007.

Olivo Barbieri's Aerial Photography: Seven Cities Like You've Never Seen Them
October 08, 2013

Everyone is familiar with the toy-like character the world assumes when looked at from a plane window. For the past ten years, the Italian photographer Olivo Barbieri has embellished this effect in his aerial photographs of major world cities.

American History in Panorama
October 06, 2013

With the advance of cameras that spanned 150 degrees and over, America got a whole new way to depict itself.