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Now That's Dirty
November 07, 2007 The Plank

In case anyone was wondering how ugly the climate policy debate could get in the coming months and years, here's one hint. Last month, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment denied air-quality permits to two proposed coal-burning plants because of concerns about CO2 emissions. It was the first time permits had ever been denied for those reasons.

Crossing The Line
November 07, 2007 The Plank

I had been pretty supportive of the Writers Guild of America strike. Then I read this:

According to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, there's a chance that Lost may not return to the airwaves until the fall of 2008 — or even worse, February 2009! — should the WGA strike should continue into the new year.

Press Release Of The Day
November 07, 2007 The Plank

Ever since I wrote this article, I've been on the publicity lists for a few of the celebrity weeklies. Normally I don't pay too much attention to what they send me, but this release was impossible to ignore--and too good not to share. From In Touch Weekly:

More On That Mccain Comeback
November 07, 2007 The Plank

Yesterday, Noam pointed out that evangelicals are apparently flocking to John McCain. Today, we learn that among them will be Sam Brownback, who's promising to endorse his Senate colleague. McCain may have a second act yet...

--Christopher Orr

Doing God's Work?
November 07, 2007 The Plank

I hope Chuck Schumer* Grassley is treading verrrrry carefully in his current investigation into whether a half-dozen evangelical megaministers have been financing posh lifestyles with tax-exempt donations. Certainly I share the Senator's distaste for high-living preachers (can't Joyce Meyers think of any worthier way to spend $23,000 than on a marble-topped commode for her ministry's Fenton, Missouri, HQ?).

Sarko The Patronizing
November 07, 2007 The Plank

From today's NYT article about Nicolas Sarkozy's storming of the White House:

Virginia Is For Democrats?
November 07, 2007 The Plank

Democrats took back the State Senate in Virginia today. Okay, it's just a state race -- boring, right? No: The RNC had been really worried about this one, bussing volunteers from central command out to far-flung exurban areas to shore up candidates; Democrats poured in money and effort, too, because the outcome has national implications.

Department Of Excellent Timing
November 07, 2007 The Plank

"Sure, there were issues [with Bernie Kerik], but if I have the same degree of success and failure as president of the United States, this country will be in great shape." --Rudy Giuliani, November 5

The Farm Bill: Even Worse Than You Thought!
November 06, 2007 The Plank

It's been fairly well documented how bad the $288 billion farm bill--which the Senate began debating today--is for the federal budget, for farmers in the developing world, for the