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The Nba Is Here
October 30, 2007 The Plank

Well, the NBA season starts tonight (can you feel the excitement?) and much of the media coverage has focused on all of the problems facing professional basketball.

The Future Of Political Discourse
October 30, 2007 The Plank

From conservative blog Atlas Shrugs


And, of course, for those who missed it, there's this Malkin classic from last spring: 

Thank God we have people like this to lecture us on the moral seriousness of our times.

--Christopher Orr

Campaign Statement Redux
October 30, 2007 The Plank

Chris Dodd, 2007:

As you know, Governor Schwarzenegger has had to ask other states for help because so many of California's National Guard, who provide critical support to the citizens while you are fighting the fires, were deployed to Iraq. In a Dodd Administration, never again will our houses be on fire because our troops are taking fire in Iraq. 

John Kerry, 2004:

Rudy Captures Some Of That Bush Magic
October 30, 2007 The Plank

Via Talking Points Memo, I see that Rudy Giuliani has gained the support of Joe Allbaugh, George W. Bush's first FEMA director and the man who gave us Brownie. The Politico reports:

The endorsement is valuable for Giuliani because it gives the former New York mayor additional entr

Leavitt To Europe
October 30, 2007 The Plank

The New York Times reports this morning that HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt will soon be traveling to Switzerland and the Netherlands to see first-hand how those countries' health-care systems--which achieve universal coverage through, more or less, a mandate-and-subsidize approach similar to the one proposed in the Senate by Ron Wyden and Bob Bennett--actually function in practice.

Next Time, Just Pay Armstrong Williams To Ask The Questions
October 30, 2007 The Plank

 I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the audacity of the fake press briefing FEMA staged last Tuesday, in which agency reps, pretending to be reporters, lobbed softball questions at Deputy Administrator Harvey Johnson, allowing him to ramble on and on about the greatness of FEMA's response to the California wildfires.

The Jesuits Are Gonna Love This
October 30, 2007 The Plank

I apparently missed the early buzz on AEI adjunct fellow Jon Entine's book "Abraham's Children"--all about how Jews are genetically programmed to be smarter than everyone else--but Dana Milbank's dispatch from Monday's AEI forum on the book includes a lovely quote from fellow AEIer Charles "Bell Curve" Murray, reminding

Are Taxi Meters That Bad? (maybe!)
October 30, 2007 The Plank

Today's Washington Post reports that cab drivers in D.C. may strike over the mayor's new plan to replace our odd, zone-based taxi-fare system with one based on meters (i.e., the set-up you see in every other city). Matt Yglesias wants to know why, specifically, D.C. drivers—nearly all of them independent contractors—are so worried about the change. Like this guy:

A Question For Andrew Sullivan
October 30, 2007 The Plank

Yesterday over at The Stump, Mike drew our attention to what is fast becoming a major problem for the Obama campaign: it's decision to invite the "ex-gay," black, recording artist Donnie McClurkin onto a gospel tour in South Carolina. McClurkin, who performed at the 2004 Republican National Convention, is a Grammy-Award winning singer, popular with southern black evangelicals, an important constituency in the vital primary state of South Carolina.

Carl Levin, Please Don't Scare The Puppies
October 29, 2007 The Plank

I normally love Michigan's Carl Levin, the simultaneously hard-assed and endearingly grandfatherly Iraq expert in the Senate (here's a link to his coos-of-appreciation-inducing Time award as one of "America's Best Senators"!).