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Laws Are For Other People
October 25, 2007 The Plank

Whether he intended to or not, at a town meeting in Iowa last night Rudy Giuliani offered what may be the most honest defense of torture I've seen from an American politician. It is also, of course, a deeply immoral one. Asked whether waterboarding constituted torture, he replied:

It depends on how it’s done. It depends on the circumstances. It depends on who does it. [emphasis mine]

The Innovator
October 25, 2007 The Plank

Citing yesterday's article in The Hill on Fred Thompson's evident plan to write off New Hampshire, Daniel Larison points out what a revolutionary political figure Ol' Fred is turning out to be:

Battle Of The Underachievers
October 25, 2007 The Plank

Poor Trent Lott. Most folks might assume that Hillary’s disparaging comments about his great home state of Mississippi was just another case of knee-jerk regional snobbery.

Mccain Desperation Watch
October 25, 2007 The Plank

A few weeks ago I broke the astonishing news that John McCain is a Vietnam hero, a fact that his modesty had prevented him from exploiting. Now it seems McCain is using his story to raise money.


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Four Years Is Not An Eternity
October 25, 2007 The Plank

Matt Yglesias muses that he wouldn't have much of a problem with strong executive power if the U.S. had a parliamentary system of government in which it were easier to remove the executive from office:

Is Hillary The Best Choice?

I don't quite understand Ross Douthat's take on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic field. He writes:

Preschoolers For Rudy!

I absolutely loved, loved, loved today's Washington Post piece about how maxed-out political donors skirt campaign finance laws by having their kiddies donate. It was a case study in how people are willing to tell the most shameless lies--perhaps even to themselves--to justify doing exactly what they want.

Thank You, New York Times

It isn't enough that the first fifteen minutes of 'SportsCenter' are always devoted to the Yankees and/or the Red Sox. Nor is it sufficient that Washington's finest newspaper has almost no coverage of California. Wait, stop right there.

A Full-employment Act For The Vrwc

From yesterday's Publishers Lunch roundup of the latest book deals:

Former Democratic fundraiser Kathleen Willey's TARGET: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton, her story of how Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in the White House, along with what's called new evidence that Hillary Clinton orchestrated a campaign of threats and intimidation to cover it up, to Eric Jackson at World Ahead, for publication in November 2007, by Anu Hansen at Atmarr Services.

Is Colbert Barely Legal?

Back before the Great Redesign of Aught Seven disappeared them, I recall some Talkbackers were wondering whether Colbert's presidential campaign ran afoul of FEC laws. ABC News has an answer: Maybe

 --Jason Zengerle