The Plank

Desperate Times

I think Kathryn Jean Lopez is joking when she urges Lynn Cheney to run for president. Then again, I initially thought the whole Fred Thompson boomlet was a joke, too.

--Jason Zengerle

With Advocates Like These

The Times had a "Sunday Styles" piece about the Hollywood "eco-wives" (the environmentally conscious spouses of entertainment industry bigwigs) who descend upon Washington to lobby for green causes such as a tough climate change bill.

Now She Tells Us

At a reading at Carnegie Hall on Friday night, J.K. Rowling disclosed the fact, long suspected but never before confirmed, that her beloved character Albus Dumbledore was gay.

Headline Of The Day

From America's Most Trusted News Source (no less):

Waffle House brawl lands Kid Rock in jail


So predictable.

--Jason Zengerle


Today's Strategy

You might not be taking Stephen Colbert's presidential candidacy seriously, but Josh Green is. Auditioning for the job of Colbert's campaign manager, Josh has come up with a surprisingly detailed blueprint for how Colbert could actually win a delegate or two in either one of the South Carolina primaries:

Authenticity Vs. Purity

Over at The Stump, Noam recaps last night's GOP debate with a very smart point: The GOP race has become a contest between ideological purity (as advocated by Romney and Thompson) and authenticity (which is what Rudy and McCain are selling). But, as Noam argues, it's a shame that Romney decided not to run on authenticity--since the authentic Romney is certainly more attractive than the contrived ideologically pure Romney:

Shorter Duncan Hunter

To paraphrase: "It's good we supported 'freedom fighters' in Central America because now El Salvador has at least five so many soldiers in Iraq."

--Isaac Chotiner

Republican Debate--cheap Dates

Fred Thompson on Ted Kennedy: "No room to the left of him. And no room to the right of him, either."

And the crowd goes wild.

Update: When Thompson goes through Giuliani's liberal stances, though, it certainly is effective.

--Isaac Chotiner

Kinsley On The Amt

Michael Kinsley channels Jon Chait in making the case for keeping the Alternative Minimum Tax:

No Way

This can't be real. And yet it is! (Make sure to look at all of the pictures).

--Isaac Chotiner