The Plank

Finding The Worst Car

My wife, who is a dentist, has begun getting a free copy of U.S. News and World Report in the mail. It seems to have become a consumer magazine--not an authoritative, trustworthy survey like Consumer Reports, but more like one of those city magazines that gives five stars to restaurants that advertise in it. The latest issue features "FINDING THE BEST CAR FOR YOU: WE DO THE RESEARCH. YOU ENJOY THE RIDE." It displays a picture of a red sports car on the cover. That should be a tip-off that what U.S. News means by "best" has little to do with cost, utility, safety, and gas mileage.

Moveon Will Love This

The New York Sun nominates General Petraeus for the Nobel Peace Prize.

--James Kirchick

Who Needs Drudge?

Stay classy, Mickey.

--Jason Zengerle

The Politics Of Ethanol

At the Republican debate yesterday, the candidates kept spitting out the words "biofuel" and "ethanol" like boys desperately tugging at a slot machine, hoping to hear voter approval come clamoring out. The Dems do it too; it's difficult for anyone to come out of Iowa without kowtowing. But I thought this whole fuel alternatives fetish called for a quick briefing.

Nir Rosen On Iraq

Nir Rosen has an informative and depressing piece in the new Boston Review about Iraqi refugees and sectarian violence. It's worth reading in full, but this bit near the end caught my eye:

The Inevitability Of Hillary

It's probably smart of John Edwards to answer questions about the inevitably of Hillary Clinton by recalling "the inevitably of Howard Dean"; but, assuming Edwards does actually believe what he's saying, I think it's wishful thinking. Dean, after all, was the unlikeliest (not to mention shakiest) of "frontrunners"--opposed by large swaths of the Democratic establishment and fueled by a relatively young and inexperienced campaign team.

Arianna As Robber Baron

On Romenesko's letters page, Gary Dretzka attacks Arianna Huffington and the Huffington Post . . . from the left! The issue? Her refusal to pay HuffPo bloggers:

Experts Agree, Thompson's A Dud

Well, not necessarily "experts." But Dan Bartlett, former consigliere to President Bush, holds that opinion of Fred and voiced it in a recent speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. From the WaPo:

Penal Dysfunction

CNN has a characteristically alarmist piece on its site about how members of a Connecticut town are up in arms to learn that a serial rapist is being released to come live in their neighborhood with his sister.