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Scotus On State Secrets

The Supreme Court today declined to hear the case of Khaled el-Masri, a German car salesman who was detained--and, he claims, tortured--by the CIA in an unfortunate case of mistaken identity (it took the CIA five months to realize that he was not, in fact, the terrorist Khalid al-Masri).

More On Seiu

For what it's worth, the Post's Chris Cillizza has a similar take to ours on the SEIU endorsement decision. He writes:

Hillary And The F-word

Hillary Clinton's spokesmen have a favorite insult: "flagging campaign." Until now, I'd only seen it used--repeatedly--against John Edwards. But now the Clinton camp seems to be rubbing the new CW in Barack Obama's face as well. A short history of the phrase:


Ezra Klein Is Making Sense

He offers the best and most succinct take I've seen on just how brilliantly Hillary has played Obama:

Those Evil-natured Lobbyist Robots, Programmed To Destroy Us

Obama is angry today at the Senate for listening to the money and dropping their assault on private equity firms. The sentiment is dead on -- except he is a member of that Senate.

Even Howard Wolfson...

...isn't quite this tough. A Borat-style interviewer has some fun with a Brooklyn Staten Island city councilor--and the rest is comedy. (Caution: Raised voices and naughty language.)

[Via Gothamist]

--Michael Crowley

Timing Is Everything

Today's Washington Post fronts the news that last month's bin Laden video was leaked to the press by the Bush administration, much to the dismay of the private intelligence company who obtained and analyzed the video. The Post reports:

Great Debate Moments

Mike Huckabee just said that while working people are paying lots of taxes, prostitutes and pimps are being ignored by the IRS.

--Isaac Chotiner

Broken 'heart'

Is the Farrelly brothers' remake of The Heartbreak Kid supposed to be a romantic comedy? A black comedy? A sex farce? All of the above? I'm not sure, and I fear neither are they. The 1972 original, directed by Elaine May, was a dark drollery, understated and not infrequently cruel, about a man (Charles Grodin) who dumps his unattractive Jewish wife (May's own daughter, Jeannie Berlin) in the middle of their honeymoon in order to pursue a blonde, Midwestern goddess (Cybill Shepherd).

Random Debate Musing Of The Day

Is Rudy Giuliani getting balder?

--Eve Fairbanks