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September 10, 2007

Mike's piece on pro-withdrawal efforts in yesterday's Times Magazine had a smart quote about Petraeus's Congressional testimony from MoveOn's Washington director Tom Matzzie:


Brendan Nyhan has a theory about why Obama isn't questioning Hillary's "experience" more aggressively.

--Michael Crowley

Also, TPM Cafe this week is hosting a discussion of my book with me, Paul Krugman, Ross Douthat, Megan McArdle, Will Thomas, Stephen Moore, and Ezra Klein. My first entry is here.

I'm thinking of using the clip below as the tagline for all my "Big Con" blogging this week. Con!

--Jonathan Chait

The room where Petraeus is scheduled to speak is in a bizarre state of chaos right now--none of the microphones are working. Not an ideal scene for a hearing that's supposed to demonstrate competence. They've also failed to get statements passed out, so the press is still waiting around for things to get underway...

--Eve Fairbanks

Over lunch I was reading today's Wall Street Journal op-ed by John McCain and Joe Lieberman. It's titled, "Listening to Petraeus," and it begins:


Politico has the full transcript. The portion I heard wasn't very surprising.

--Michael Crowley

For a presidential hopeful who's stressed how aggressively he intends to use the web to boost his candidacy, you'd think Fred Thompson might have given a tad more thought to the contents of his blogroll.

First up on the alphabetical list is The American Scene, where the most recent commentary on Thompson was this observation by Peter Suderman:


Oscar Lindsay, the brother of Fred Thompson's first wife Sarah, explaining to the Daily Mail why his family is backing Thompson's presidential bid:

"It has been a bit of a dilemma, deciding whether to support him. But his political philosophy and ours are very close, time heals and Sarah and he had three children together. We believe he can beat the hell out of the Democrats." [Emphasis added.]


Great news! There's still time to attend the Cornell Waste Management Institute's 2007 "Road Kill Composting Workshops"!

According to this, the New York state transportation department deals with 25,000 dead deer annually. That must be one tall pile.


--Michael Crowley

Over the past year or so, Brad Pitt's reputation has come to be a little diminished, as if he were more an accoutrement to Angelina Jolie than a star in his own right. But that could change pretty quickly if his surprise Best Actor win for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford at the Venice Film Festival this weekend proves a harbinger of things to come.