The Plank

Les Is More

If, like me, you were watching the Louisiana State-Florida football game last Saturday night, and you watched Jacob Hester score the winning touchdown, you may have been thinking to yourself, "What would the Nation of Islam have to say about this development?"

Well, now you know. Short answer: they're taking it with good cheer.

And You Will Know My Name Is Bill Kristol When I Lay My Vengeance Upon Thee

Via Andrew, I see that Bill Kristol has revealed his favorite Bible verse, and it is magnificent in its unintentional self-parody:

Your Daily Dose Of Health Policy

Now that Hillary Clinton has followed John Edwards in endorsing an "individual mandate" model for universal health care, lots of people are asking questions about the model -- some good, some not so good.

Seiu Speaks

SEIU, the influential service union, announced this afternoon that it won't be endorsing a Democrat nationally, but...:

Citing the strength of the presidential field on the key issues for working families, and the importance of the 2008 election on the future of America, SEIU local unions will decide on presidential primary endorsements on a state-by-state basis.

Clemens Out

The AP reports that the Yankees have replaced Roger Clemens on their ALDS roster with journeyman reliever Ron Villone. This means that should the Yankees advance to the ALCS, Clemens would not be allowed to play in the series. One wonders if we saw him pitch his last game yesterday (then again, one has wondered that before).

Crime And Punishment

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary in the killing of Anna Politkovskaya, one of Russia's most active journalists in documenting the country's widespread bureaucratic corruption and human rights abuses in Chechnya. Today, the Times reports that the newspaper where she once worked, Novaya Gazeta, ran a special edition of the paper with the news that the editors and Russian prosecutors knew the identity of her assassin, though he had not yet been arrested.

"i Am What I Am"

On Saturday, October 13, Larry Craig will be inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame. Now that he's decided to stay in office and accept such a prestigious honor, perhaps Craig can simultaneously surprise (and damn) his conservative critics even more than he's already done, just two days before this induction.

New Des Moines Register Numbers

The latest Des Moines Register poll is out, and it shows Hillary building a significant, if hardly daunting, lead over John Edwards and Barack Obama: 29-23-22. The poll has Edwards dropping six points since May, when he led the field, something the Register attributes partly to the flap over his $5 million North Carolina home, his work for a private equity fund that invests in subprime mortgages, and reports of his $400 haircut.

Brown Says No

Via Alex Massie, I see that Gordon Brown has ruled out an election this Fall in Britain. The decision comes after tightening polls and a phenomenal speech by Conservative leader David Cameron.

"gaps Between Appointments"

Mississippi governor and famed influence-peddler Haley Barbour had an interesting response Thursday to the piece Brad Plumer and I wrote about his K-Street ties. He made the comment to the Christian news service