The Plank

Is Romney Really A Homer?

Over at Swampland, Karen Tumulty notes that although Cambridge, MA, was one of the first "sanctuary cities," Mitt Romney fails to mention it along with Newark, New York, and San Francisco in his new immigration radio ad.

No Decision On Vick

Apropos of Jon Cohn's TNR Online article, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell appears likely to delay making a decision on a punishment for Michael Vick.


That was her name. Wash Post:

She was a cheerleader in high school. She had a white poodle named Skylar whose ears and tail she had dyed pink. She had her Mustang custom painted pink and purple to match a Barbie car she owned as a child. She loved fashion, especially pink clothes.

Hillary's Veep

Stanley Fish is way too preemptive in declaring Hillary the Democratic nominee. While she is certainly the favorite, it's just too early to dismiss Obama given his fund-raising success and favorable polling in the early primary states.

Looming Water Wars

In case you missed it, Doug Struck's article in the Washington Post yesterday about the potential impact of global warming on water conflicts is worth a read. The key takeaway is that warming will make wet areas wetter and dry areas drier-including, of course, the American Southwest. The article concludes with the focal point of what is likely to become a very intense debate:

The French Open Of Bad Dialogue

Via Kevin Drum, I see that a survey of filmgoers by the UK firm Pearl & Dean has determined that the worst onscreen romance of all-time was between Padme Amidala (Natalie Portman) and Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) in the latter Star Wars movies.

Sam Nunn For President?

Apparently he's thinking about a run on a Unity '08 ticket. It's an intriguing notion, and I find Nunn quite impressive in many ways--above all for his fixation on nuclear terrorism.

'ward, Something's Wrong With The Beaver'

Did you know that Ward Cleaver is running for president? He is--and The Boston Globe has the details:

Four Best Years

Since TNR has already established itself as a haven for Barry Bonds apologists, this seems like an appropriate time to note that the Kansas City Star's Joe Posnanski has crunched the numbers and found that Bonds is responsible for each of the four best offensive seasons by any player since 1960 (and seven of the top eleven). As Posnanski puts it:

Rove In His Perma-bunker

Aside from the expression on Chris Wallace's face when he realized he was questioning a lunatic, my two favorite parts of Fox's Karl Rove interview were as follows: