The Plank

Glassman Goes Global

Uh oh. President Bush has nominated James K. Glassman to head up the agency that directs U.S. overseas broadcasts such as Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. Does that mean the whole world is now going to be subjected to ludicrous stock-market predictions?

--Jason Zengerle

In Case You Hadn't Noticed

Bush's breakthrough North Korea nuclear deal may be headed toward collapse.

--Michael Crowley

Message Machine

Via Andrew, a fascinating comparison of what the candidates at the Democratic debate last night were talking about, whether they meant to or not.

Favorite insights: Clinton's most common word was "president"; Richardson's was "deal." Obama cited "families" and "children" more than the other candidates; Edwards referred more often to "America."

---Christopher Orr

For A Friday Afternoon

If you are somehow unaware of the Eric Alterman v. Ana Marie Cox v. Chris Lemann ratfuck catfight contretemps that has shaken the blogosphere to its very foundations, well, I think this dramatic reenactment will bring you up to speed.

--Jason Zengerle

China's On Board

The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting piece on China's efforts to rein in its greenhouse gases. If the country gets even halfway to meeting its latest energy efficiency goals by 2010, it will cut emissions growth by more than the EU plans to do under Kyoto. Of course, anyone can set lofty goals, meeting them is another matter, and China's still a furious polluter either way, but the signs are far more encouraging than one would expect.

Steve Hayes To The Bat Cave!

Via The Corner, the Saddam-Al-Qaeda-connection theory gets new life!

P.S. I love how Thomas Joscelyn helpfully suggests questions for Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi's interrogators, including:

Is Our Children Respecting?

Fox News just did an extraordinary segment on how George W. Bush visited a Harlem school this week and was treated with... respect! Neil Cavuto even had some of the kids as in-studio guests to salute them for not heckling the Leader of the Free World. ("AMERICA'S KIDS ON RESPECTING THE PRESIDENT," read the chyron.) The hilarious premise is that this was not the obvious thing to do. "You guys have more class than a lot of people that are much older than you," Cavuto solemnly explained.

Ted Kennedy On The Rocks

GQ has made available on its website former TNR editor Michael Kelly's classic "Ted Kennedy on the Rocks," one of the best pieces of political reportage I have ever read. As the article clearly demonstrates, Chappaquiddick did not do much to stave Ted Kennedy's recklessness, but, since marrying again in 1992, Kennedy has tempered his behavior. Interestingly, the article also features Kennedy carousing with current long-shot presidential candidate Chris Dodd.

No Love For Mandates

At the moment, Democrats are struggling to get a renewable energy mandate passed in the Senate. The National Review has decided this is a bad idea because, well, a press release from Pete Domenici's office told them so: