The Plank

Return The 'pueblo!'

A GOP senator mounts an entertaining crusade against North Korea.

--Michael Crowley

Married With Conflicts Of Interest

My former reporter-researcher-in-arms T.A. Frank has written a very funny, stylish piece in the Washington Monthly on D.C. power couples. To wit:

Campaign News

A press release from the Edwards campaign:


Chapel Hill, North Carolina - The John Edwards for President campaign announced today that Joe Trippi will be joining the campaign as a key member of the media team and senior advisor.

The Cho Video And Violence Porn

Mickey bashes NBC for showing the Cho video. The charge is that this is a "reward," and a "publicity bonanza" for the killer. Compared to what? Several consecutive days of front-page newspaper stories and wall-to-wall TV coverage about the shootings themselves? I think he got his bonanza anyway! And, fine, so this nut got to do some posthumous incoherent ranting on the airwaves. Maybe it'll help us understand his warped mind (and hopefully identify and stop the next maniac).

How To Stop Future Massacres?

Some conservatives and libertarians have hinted at this already, but I suppose somebody had to make the argument outright. In today's Washington Times, it happened: Reason's Jacob Sullum said that students need to carry guns.

In Today's Web Magazine

Eve Fairbanks watches Republican senators crap on Alberto Gonzales; the Editors say Chinese and Indian reluctance to act on global warming is no reason for us not to do something; Russell Crandall calls Hugo Chávez's oil bluff; and TNR

Obama Hits Bottom

If you are one of those people who thinks Barack Obama is the most electable Democrat out there, and if you think he is capable of being a powerful and moving speaker, you still have to face up to the fact that his speeches can be really, really grating.

Here's Ben Smith from The Politico's website:

Obama Does Alright

I'm not sure what, exactly, was wrong with the Obama speech that Isaac cited here, but it's worth noting that the guy seems to be doing something right. The latest Gallup poll has him within striking distance of Hillary Clinton, which seems significant.

When You've Lost The Journal Sentinel. . .

The first line of an editorial in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

If Tommy Thompson's presidential run isn't over, it should be.

Looks like there may only be one Thompson in this race, after all.

--Jason Zengerle

I Am No One

Lots of creepy details about Cho Seung Hui in today's papers, but somehow this one particularly tingled my spine:

Charlotte Peterson, a former Virginia Tech student, said she shared a British literature class with Cho in 2005. On the first day, when the instructor asked students to write their names on a sheet of paper and hand it up, Cho wrote a question mark.