The Plank

"it's Still A Good Book"

I just got done with a piece for us on Tom DeLay's messianic ambitions, but before it goes up I have to share this priceless, priceless video with you all of DeLay flogging his new memoir to Chris Matthews (flagged by my colleague James Kirchick). Watch 'til the end. It's almost sad.

--Eve Fairbanks

In Today's Web Magazine

Jonathan Cohn doesn't see anything wrong with a front-loaded primary schedule; David Bosco debunks aid workers' claims that the U.S.

If You Say So...

From the Times' website:

Star in New Role, Gore Revisits Old Stage By MARK LEIBOVICH and PATRICK HEALY For Al Gore, returning to Capitol Hill is akin to a recovering alcoholic returning to a neighborhood bar.

--Isaac Chotiner

"ambassador To The World"

Hillary Clinton proposes a second White House role for her husband. It's a good line. I still think at some point the Clintons will clearly need to discuss the job of "First Man" in more detail.

--Michael Crowley

Jews V. Christian Zionism

Zev Chafets has a new book--A Match Made in Heaven--urging Jews to capitalize on the fierce Zionism of American evangelicals. I haven't read his book, but the treatment Abby Wisse Schachter gives it in the current Weekly Standard is simple-minded.

Scheduling Woes

The other day, in a rare bout of candidate blogging, Tyler Cowen predicted that Giuliani would win the GOP nomination, in part because the new front-loaded primary schedule "will make it harder for the Christian Right to sabotage him." Now it looks like Focus on the Family is worried about basically the same thing.

--Bradford Plumer

Gore Goes Big

While testifying before the House today, Al Gore proposed an immediate freeze on carbon emissions and a 90 percent reduction by 2050. I tend to think that's on the right track, but it's also to the left of even Bernie Sanders on the issue, so presumably this means he really isn't secretly planning to run for president...

--Bradford Plumer

Waist Not?

Speaking of Gore, Newsweek is peddling this theory about his presidential prospects:

Youtube: The New Pollsters

If this was November and YouTube was the voting system, we would probably have a new president by a landslide. Since announcing their candidacies, almost all of the 2008 Democratic presidential hopefuls have established YouTube channels, and, based on the number of views of each channel, the primary race is going to be an easy one: Obama is in the lead with over 600,000 views, while Hillary is a distant second with 51,000.

Mccain The Reaganite?

A Politico story today on John McCain graciously cites my recent McCain column. However, it does contain a highly bizarre passage: