The Plank

Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away....

That Politico piece Jon flagged below caught my eye for a different reason: I think it was a smart explanation of the perils of the Straight Talk Express, version 2.0:

Bush And Executive Privilege

The New York Times's news analysis of the coming clash between Congress and the White House over the U.S. attorney purge makes repeated mention of how relatively infrequently Bush has asserted executive privilege. To wit:

Communications Trouble

From Roll Call (sus req), on the increasingly chaotic effort to get folks in line on the Iraq supplemental scheduled to go to a vote on Thursday:

What's Your Problem?

Today, we unveil the debut episode of "What's Your Problem?"--a web-only TV face-off between Peter Beinart and the National Review's Jonah Goldberg. Watch the first installment--about John Edwards and the Nevada primary debate--here.

--Adam B. Kushner

Opposite Day

Did you know that the BBC "champion[s] the imperialist interests of the British and the Americans?"

Neither did I.

Watch the interview. A colleague calls it "amazing." That's one word for it.

--James Kirchick

In Today's Web Magazine

Cass R. Sunstein and Richard H.

Dept Of High Principle

Don't ever let it be said that wealthy donors have big egos. These guys decided that Hillary Clinton, and not Barack Obama, should be President of the United States based on a few unreturned phone calls.

--Michael Crowley

Proxy War

Strategists Mark Penn (Hillary Clinton) and David Axelrod (Obama) had a testy face-off at a Harvard forum last night:

Department Of Tortured Metaphors

From the Miami Herald, here's President Bush--he of the 30 percent approval rating--at a White House ceremony yesterday honoring the University of Florida's national championship football team:

Bush And Incompetence

Kudos to National Review! The Bush presidency is only 80% over, and already (already!) the magazine has come to the conclusion that Bush has an "incompetence problem," as the new Rich Lowry cover story puts it.

I know, I know, you're probably saying that this was obvious months or even years ago. Nonsense, I say. It's only just become clear that this administration can't do anything well.

Congrats, guys: You're only 18 months behind Newsweek.