The Plank

John Mccain Panders To The Right

National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru has transcribed his recent interview with John McCain. Watch McCain pander:

Card Check, Continued

Okay... James Kirchick writes, "[Brad] does not seem to think that toadying up to organized labor is bad for the Democratic Party." But did I actually say this? No. All I said was that thanks to the newfound influence of Nevada in the primaries--plus the fact that even centrist groups like the DLC now support card check--Democratic candidates will face heavy internal pressure to back labor-friendly legislation. As for polls, I'm agnostic.

Hillary Is Definitely A P.c.

This is a great mashup (via TPM).

--Jason Zengerle

In Today's Web Magazine

Benjamin Wittes reminds us that the José Padilla case is more than just another example of Bush administration abuse; James Wood writes that Thomas Pynchon's new novel is an eclectic, eccentric mess; Jeremy Kahn tells the story of how the Treasury Department lost billions of dollars i

Rudy's Sock Hop

Today's Washington Post marvels at Rudy Giuliani's startling dominance in the polls (latest example here; he's also Newsweek's cover).

In Today's Web Magazine

Alexandra Robbins says business, not looks, made Delta Zeta boot heavyset and minority sisters from the DePauw chapter; David A. Bell explains why the French hate headscarves; and Jonathan Chait argues that union card checks can't undermine American corporations.

Shunning Coulter

Red State, Malkin, and other conservative bloggers refuse to defend Ann Coulter. It's the least they should do. But that doesn't mean I assumed they would.

--Michael Crowley

I Hate To Be A Downer, But...

It would seem like there is some good news -- indeed, some very good news -- for those of us who support universal health care.

According to the latest New York Times/CBS poll, large majorities of Americans favor universal coverage. Even more stunning, 60 percent are willing to pay higher taxes to achieve it.

Santorum On Mccain

In an interview with The Politico yesterday, Rick Santorum said some interesting things about his erstwhile colleague, John McCain:

"The only one I wouldn't support is McCain," Santorum said. "I don't agree with him on hardly any issues. I don't think he has the temperament and leadership ability to move the country in the right direction."


Discriminating Taste

Today's Washington Post features a story about an op-ed column in San Francisco that's creating a racial furor. When I first glanced at the headline, I thought to myself, hey, it's San Francisco, how racist could a column really be? The Post quickly answered that question: